Alphabetical by Author

~ A ~

Aaron, Kate - What He Wants
Abram, Elise - The Revenant
Adams, Alexia - Her Faux Fiance
Adams, Anna - Once Upon a Tag
Adams, Elianne - Call of the Dragon 
Adams, P.J. - The Object of His Desire
Adams, Samantha - Immortal Prophecy
Aisling, S.J. - Becoming the Chateran
Albertson, Alana - Love Waltzes In
Alexander, Claudette - Sunrise from an Icy Heart
Allen, N.R. - Lot's Mountain
Allyn, Rue - Knight Defender
Alten, Steve - Vostok
Altom, Laura Marie - The Cowboy Seal 
Amare, Mercy - The Fab Life
Ammons, W. Charlene - The Plan
Amsden, Christine - Kaitlin's Tale
Amsden, Christine - Madison's Song
Amsden, Christine - Secrets and Lies
Amsden, Christine - Stolen Dreams
Anderson, Catherine - Switchback
Anderson, Trillian - The Dawn of Dae
Andrassy, Stephanie - Noble Lies
Andre, Bella - Take Me
Andrejeski, J.C. - Rook
Angel, April - Lucky Break
Ann, Brooklyn - Bite at First Sight 
Antoinette, Ashley - Luxe
Anton, V. - The Kiss Instructor
Araneda, Cecilia - The Ocean
Archer, Gillian - Rebellious
Archer, Gillian - Ruthless
Arden, Elley - Baby By Design 
Arden, Elley - Battling the Best Man
Arden, Elley - Chad's Chance 
Arden, Elley - Change my Mind 
Arden, Elley - The Change Up
Arden, Elley - Crossing Lines
Arden, Elley - Heal My Heart
Arden, Elley - Keeping Score
Arden, Elley - Marriage by Design
Arden, Elley - Marrying the Wrong Man
Arden, Elley - Running Interference
Arden, Sarah - Unfaded Glory
Arden, Susan - Dragon Heart
Ashenden, Jackie - Dirty for Me
Ashenden, Jackie - Wrong for Me
Ashford, Jane - First Season/Bride to Be
Ashford, Jane - Once Again a Bride
Ashley, Kelliea - When Fur Flies
Astaphan, Ryan - Travelphan
Atkinson, Stacey D. - Stuck
Atta, Carol Van - I Kissed a Dog
Atta, Carol Van - Soul Defenders:  Jaden
Atwood, Ali - Bound to Brody 
Atwood, Ali - Huntress at Large
Atwood, Ali - Huntress for Hire
Atwood, Ali - Huntress Takes All
Atwood, Ali - Romancing the Guardian
Atwood, Ali - Three To Tango
Atwood, Kathryn J. - Women Heroes of World War I
Atwood, Kathryn J. - Women Heroes of World War II
Austin, Tabatha - Gay for His Cowboy Vampire 
Austin, Tabatha - Gay for His Southern Werewolf 
Austin, Terri L. - His Kind of Trouble
Austin, Winter - Atonement 
Austin, Winter - Born to Die
Avalon, Sierra - Always Rayne 
Avario, Jophrael L. - Blood Lovers 
Avery, Scarlett - Exposed
Avery, Scarlett - French Kiss
Avery, Scarlett - Never Say Never
Avery, Scarlett - Total Abandonment
Avery, Tempest - All That We See or Seem 
Ayer, T.G. - Fire
Ayres, D.D. - Force of Attraction
Ayres, D.D. - Irresistible Force
Ayres, D.D. - Necessary Force
Ayres, D.D. - Primal Force

~ B ~

Baldacci, David - Simple Genius
Baldacci, David - Zero Day
Baldwin, Ed - The Other Pilot
Ball, Kathleen - Spring's Delight
Ball, Kathleen - Winter's Embrace
Balogh, Mary - First Comes Marriage
Banks, Maya - The Darkest Hour
Banks, Maya - Hidden Away
Banks, Maya - Into The Mist
Banks, Maya - No Place to Run
Banks, Maya - Rush
Banks, Maya - Theirs to Keep
Banks, Maya - Whispers In The Dark
Baxter, Kate - Stripped Bear
Baxter, Mandy - The Billionaire Cowboy 
Baxter, Ros - Beached 
Baxter, Ros - Fish Out of Water
Baxter, Ros - Lingerie for Felons
Baxter, Ros - The Seek
Beck, Heather - Frostbitten
Beckett, David - The Cana Mystery 
Beecroft, Alex - Blue Steel Chain 
Bell, Donnell Ann - Deadly Recall
Belleau, Heidi - Straight Shooter
Bernadine, Victoria - A Life Less Ordinary
Berry, K.D. - Growing Disenchantments
Berry, Steve - The Patriot Threat
Beverley, Jo - My Lady Notorious
Beverley, Jo - Something Wicked
Beverley, Jo - Tempting Fortune
Beverley, Jo - The Viscount Needs a Wife
Bittner, Rosanne - Desperate Hearts
Bittner, Rosanne - Do Not Forsake Me
Bittner, Rosanne - Outlaw Hearts
Bittner, Rosanne - Thunder on the Plains
Black, E.B. - Medusa's Desire
Blain, R.J. - Beneath a Blood Moon 
Blain, R.J. - Blood Diamond
Blain, R.J. - Inquisitor
Blain, R.J. - Pack Justice
Blain, R.J. - Storm Surge
Blain, R.J. - Storm Without End
Blain, R.J. - Tales of the Winter Wolf Vol 5
Blain, R.J. - Winter Wolf
Blake, K.C. - Bait 
Blakely, Adrianna - A Summer Down Under
Blaze, Morgan - False Security 
Bonaduce, Celia - The Merchant of Venice Beach
Bond, J.L. - Eleventh Elementum
Bond, J.L. - Hollowed Humusara
Bond, Meredith - Air: Merlin's Chalice 
Bond, Meredith, et al. - Love Least Expected
Bostic, April - Howling Heart
Bouchet, Amanda - A Promise of Fire
Bourke, Martha - Jaguar Moon
Bourke, Martha - Jaguar Sun
Bowler, Michael J. - Children of the Knight 
Boyce, Elizabeth - Honor Among Thieves
Boyce, Elizabeth - Just Once
Boyce, Elizabeth - Once an Heiress
Boyce, Elizabeth - Once an Innocent
Boyce, Elizabeth - Once a Duchess
Boyce, Elizabeth - Truth Within Dreams
Boyce, Elizabeth - Valor Under Siege
Boyd, Mark - The Book of Genevieve
Boyd, Mark - The Prophecy 
Boyd, Natasha - Eversea
Boyette, Samantha - Voodoo
Bradley, Asa Maria - Viking Warrior Rising
Brazil, Lee et al. - Freaky Flashes
Breene, K.F. - Lost and Found
Briggs, Jo - With my Body
Brockmann, Suzanne, et al. - Way of the Warrior
Broday, Linda - Forever His Texas Bride
Broday, Linda - Texas Mail Order Bride
Broday, Linda - Twice a Texas Bride
Brogan, Tracy - Highland Surrender
Brooks, Ainsley - The Star Prophecy
Brooks, Cheryl - Cowboy Delight 
Brooks, Cheryl - Cowboy Heaven
Brooks, Cheryl - Must Love Cowboys
Brooks, Kathleen - Built For Power 
Brooks, Louise - From Now On
Brooks, Terry - The Elfstones of Shannara
Brooks, Terry - Indomitable
Brooks, Terry - The Sword of Shannara
Brooks, Terry - The Wishsong of Shannara
Brothers, Marilee - Midnight Moon
Brothers, Marilee - Moon Rise
Brothers, Marilee - Moon Spun
Brothers, Marilee - Moonstone
Brothers, Marilee - Shadow Moon
Brown, Carolyn - One Texas Cowboy Too Many
Brown, Carolyn - The Trouble with Texas Cowboys
Brown, Carolyn - What Happens in Texas
Brown, Dan - Inferno
Brown, Mari - Destiny's Detour
Brown,  Michael - The Consecration of Jacob Jordaens 
Brown, Sandra - Texas! Chase
Brown, Sandra - Texas! Lucky
Brown, Sandra - Texas! Sage
Brown, Tracy - White Lines III: All Falls Down
Browning, Sherri - An Affair Downstairs 
Buchman, M.L. - Bring On The Dusk 
Buchman, M.L. - Hot Point
Buchman, M.L. - Light Up the Night
Bueno, Fabio - Broken Spell
Bueno, Fabio - Wicked Sense
Bundy, Candace - The Daemon Whisperer
Burgoa, Claudia Y. - Getting By
Burnz, Arial - Midnight Captive
Burnz, Arial - Midnight Conquest
Burright, C.J. - Beautifully Burned
Burright, C.J. - Wonderfully Wicked
Burrowes, Grace - Daniel's True Desire
Burrowes, Grace - The Duke's Disaster
Burrowes, Grace - The First Kiss
Burrowes, Grace - Kiss Me Hello
Burrowes, Grace - The Laird
Burrowes, Grace - A Single Kiss
Burrowes, Grace - Tremaine's True Love
Burton, Allie - Cleo's Curse 
Burton, Allie - Peace Piper
Burton, Allie - Soul Slam
Burton, Allie - Tut's Trumpet
Burton, Jeffrey B. - The Lynchpin
Butcher, Jim - Academ's Fury
Butcher, Jim - Furies of Calderon
Butler, Reece - The Badger City Gang
Butler, Reece - Barefoot Bride for Three 
Butler, Reece - Beauty and the Beasts
Butler, Reece - Compromised Cowgirl
Butler, Reece - A Convenient Husband
Butler, S.M. - Dying Commitment

~ C ~

Cadeaux, Sass - The Secrets of Albion Falls
Cahoun, Lynn - Bull Rider's Keeper
Caldwell, Laura - The Dog Park
Callaver, Jessa - In Gods' Hands
Callen, Alissa  - Cherish Me, Cowboy 
Callen, Alissa  - Her Big Sky Cowboy
Callen, Alissa  - Her Mistletoe Cowboy
Callen, Alissa  - His Outback Cowgirl
Calvani, Mayra - Dark Lullaby
Cameron, Chelsea M. - Unwritten
Cameron, Collette - Blythe: Schemes Gone Amiss
Cameron, Collette - Bride of Falcon 
Cameron, Collette - The Earl's Enticement
Cameron, Collette - Heartbreak and Honor
Cameron, Collette - Her Scandalous Wish 
Cameron, Collette - A Kiss for Miss Kingsley
Cameron, Collette - Schemes Gone Amiss 
Cameron, Collette - To Tame a Scoundrel's Heart
Cameron, Collette - Triumph and Treasure
Cameron, Collette - Virtue and Valor
Cameron, Collette - The Viscount's Vow
Cameron, Collette - Wagers Gone Awry
Cameron, Stella - Cold 
Campbell, Rebekah - Living in the Dark
Cantrell, Kat - From Fake to Forever
Cardello, Ruth - Taken Not Spurred
Carew, Opal - Hard Ride
Carew, Opal - Hot Ride
Carew, Opal - Riding Steele
Carew, Opal - Stepbrother, Mine
Carew, Opal - Wild Ride
Carlisle, Abbie - Elijah's Vow
Carmichael, C.J. - A Bramble House Christmas 
Carmichael, C.J. - Snowbound in Montana
Carmichael, Ginnie - A Summer Spark
Carpenter, H.L. - Jack and the Fountain of Youth
Carpenter, H.L. - The SkyHorse
Carr, Cassandra - Always the Quiet Ones 
Carr, Cassandra - Impact
Carr, G.S. - Freedom of Love
Carr, Robyn - Angel's Peak 
Carr, Robyn - The Chance 
Carr, Robyn - Forbidden Falls
Carr, Robyn - The Hero
Carr, Robyn - The Homecoming
Carr, Robyn - The Life She Wants
Carr, Robyn - A New Hope
Carr, Robyn - The Newcomer
Carr, Robyn - One Wish
Carr, Robyn - Paradise Valley
Carr, Robyn - The Promise
Carr, Robyn - Second Chance Pass
Carr, Robyn - Shelter Mountain
Carr, Robyn - 'Tis The Season
Carr, Robyn - Virgin River
Carr, Robyn - A Virgin River Christmas
Carr, Robyn - The Wanderer
Carr, Robyn - What We Find
Carr, Robyn - Whispering Rock
Carr, Robyn - Wildest Dreams
Carroll, Francene - Hunger of the Wolf
Cassidy, Carla - The Colton Bodyguard
Cassidy, Carla - Colton Cowboy Hideout
Cassidy, Carla - Her Colton Lawman
Cassidy, Carla - Lone Wolf Standing 
Castille, Sarah - Beyond the Cut 
Castille, Sarah - Burnout
Castille, Sarah - Chaos Bound
Castille, Sarah - Full Contact
Castille, Sarah - Rough Justice
Castille, Sarah - Sinner's Steel
Castille, Sarah - Yield to Me
Cembor, Tracy - Gaslight Carnival
Centeno, Kristy - Secrets of the Moon
Centreville, Hugh - Lottie Barrett Lives (Again)
Chance, Maia - Teetotaled
Chardou, Selene - Out From Under
Chase, Ashlyn - How to Date a Dragon
Chase, Ashlyn - I Dream of Dragons
Chase, Eva - Caught in the Glow 
Chase, L.C. - Let It Ride
Chester, Mirielle - Eggnog Kisses
Childs, Lisa - Beauty and the Bodyguard
Chivenko, Taona D. - The Hangman`s Replacement
Ciano, Mela - Ukiyo
Cielo, Astrid - Begging for Forgiveness 
Cielo, Astrid - A Game of Cat and Mouse
Ciletti, Maria V. - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Ciotta, Beth - Fool For Love
Clare, Cassandra - Clockwork Angel 
Clare, Cassandra - Clockwork Prince 
Clare, Cassandra - Clockwork Princess
Claremont, Kayden - Timeless Passion
Clark, Lori L. - Between the Moon and Shine 
Clarke, Carlyle - Black Song Inside 
Clarke, Linda Weaver - The Bali Mystery
Clarke, Linda Weaver - Her Lost Love
Clarke, Linda Weaver - Melinda and the Wild West
Clarke, Linda Weaver - The Missing Heir
Clarke, Linda Weaver - The Mysterious Doll
Clarke, Linda Weaver - The Shamrock Case  
Clarke, Serena - Alliance of Isian
Clarke, Serena - The Treasure of Isian
Cliff, Connie - Katelyn
Cliff, Connie - Overruled
Clifton, Leonard - The Last Prince of Atlantis
Cole, Courtney & Fisher Amelie - All That's Bright 
Cole, Elizabeth - A Heartless Design
Cole, Scarlett - The Darkest Link
Cole, Scarlett - Fractured Heart 
Cole, Scarlett - The Purest Hook
Cole, Scarlett - The Strongest Steel
Cole, Tillie - Reap
Collins, Dani - His Blushing Bride
Collins, Margo Bond - Waking Up Dead
Collins, Stephanie A. - With Angels Wings
Colter, Cara - His Mistletoe Bride
Conkle, Gina - The Lady Meets Her Match
Conrad, Alyson - A Thief's Heart
Conrad, Katlyn - Spirit on Fire
Constantine, Cathrina - Don't Forget to Breathe
Constantine, Cathrina - Tallas
Constantine, Cathrina - Wickedly they Come
Constantine, Cathrina - Wickedly they Dream
Cook, Kristie, et al. - Hidden Worlds
Cooke, Deborah - Wyvern's Mate
Cooper, Andrea R. - Claimed
Cooper, Andrea R. - The Garnet Dagger
Cooper, Andrea R. - Son of Dragons
Cooper, Andrea R. - Viking Fire
Cooper, Donna June - Making Magic
Cooper, Donna June - More Than Magic
Cooper, Donna June - Mostly Magic
Cooper, Isabel - The Highland Dragon's Lady
Cooper, Isabel - Night of the Highland Dragon
Cooper, Jodie B. - Beloved LifeMate 
Cooper, Jodie B. - A Dragon's Dream of Love
Cooper, Jodie B. - Emma
Cooper, Jodie B. - Exile
Cooper, Jodie B. - Forbidden Temptation of a Vampire
Cooper, Jodie B. - Guardian's Beloved Mate
Cooper, Jodie B. - Stolen Love
Cooper, Jodie B. - Vampire's Forbidden Territory
Cornelison, Beth - Colton Cowboy Protector 
Cornioley, Pearl Witherington - Code Name Pauline 
Corrigan, Elizabeth - Oracle of Philadelphia
Corrigan, Nancy - Beautiful Mistake 
Corrigan, Nancy - Bridged by Love
Corrigan, Nancy - Chance on Love  
Corrigan, Nancy - Favorite Obsession
Corrigan, Nancy - Hunter Betrayed
Corrigan, Nancy - Hunter Deceived
Corrigan, Nancy - Hunter Forsaken 
Corrigan, Nancy - Hunter Sacrificed
Corrigan, Nancy - Love in Repair
Corrigan, Nancy - Love Repeated
Corrigan, Nancy - Mist Unveiled
Corrigan, Nancy - Rewind & Go
Corrigan, Nancy - Shared for Love
Corrigan, Nancy - Treasured Find
Cosby, Diana - An Oath Broken
Cosper, Noree - Prescription for Delirium
Coupland, Douglas - Hey Nostradamus!
Crabtree, Leanne - Cat's Wolf 
Crabtree, Leanne - Charlotte & Sebastian 
Crabtree, Leanne - Wolf Claimed
Crandall, Lynn - Cravings 
Crandall, Lynn - Finding Finn
Crandall, Lynn - Heartfelt
Crandall, Lynn - Probabilities
Crandall, Lynn - Secrets
Crandall, Lynn - Unstoppable 
Crane, Megan - Edge of Control
Craven, Ashlinn - High Octane:  Unleashed
Cresswell, Kim - Lethal Journey
Cresswell, Kim - Reflection
Cresswell, Kim - Retribution
Crews, Caitlin - Scandalize Me
Cronin, Sherrie - Z2
Cross, Juliette - Nightbloom
Cross, Juliette - Soulfire
Cross, Juliette - Waking the Dragon
Cross, Juliette - Windburn
Cross, Rachel - Ever After
Cross, Rachel - High Octane:  Fueled
Crowne, Mackenzie - To Win Her Heart
Crowne, Mackenzie - To Win Her Love
Crowne, Mackenzie - To Win Her Trust
Crusie, Jennifer - Hot Toy
Cruz, B.B. - Dangerous Decisions
Culiner, J. Arlene - A Swan's Sweet Song
Cummings, Ellie - A Hotwife's Journey
Cutler, Melissa - Game Changer

~ D ~

Daemon, Kat - Taming Darkness
Dailey, Janet - Christmas in Cowboy Country 
Dailey, Janet - Texas Tough
Dailey, Sara & Staci Webber - Born of Lies 
Dailey, Sara & Staci Webber - Circle of Lies 
Dailey, Sara & Staci Webber - Pack of Lies
Dailey, Sara & Staci Webber - Web of Lies
Dalton, Sarah - The Blemished 
Dalton, Sarah - The Unleashed
Dalton, Sarah - The Vanished
Daniels, B.J. - Atonement
Daniels, B.J. - Fallen 
Daniels, B.J. - Hard Rain
Daniels, B.J. - Honor Bound
Daniels, B.J. - Into Dust
Daniels, B.J. - Lone Rider
Daniels, B.J. - Lucky Shot
Daniels, B.J. - Mercy
Daniels, B.J. - Reunion at Cardwell Ranch
Daniels, B.J. - Unforgiven
Daniels, B.J. - Wanted Woman
Daniels, B.J. - Wedding at Cardwell Ranch
Daniels, B.J. - Wild Horses
Dashner, James - The Maze Runner
DaSilva, Komali - Angels Dawn 
David, Jillian - Flame Unleashed
David, Jillian - Flame's Dawn 
David, Jillian - Relentless Flame
Davis, Lia - Royal Enchantment
Davis, Vonnie - Bearing It All 
Davis, Vonnie - Highlander's Passion
Davroe, A.L. - For Your Heart
Dawn, Scarlett - Obsidian Liquor
Dawson, Geralyn - Always Look Twice 
Day, Sylvia - Bared to You 
Day, Sylvia - Wish List
Decevito, Carey - Almost Forgotten  
Decevito, Carey - Once Written, Twice Shy
Decevito, Carey - Play Me To Infinity
Decevito, Carey - To Forgive and Hold Safe
DeCuir, Jennifer - Always My Hero  
Dees, Cindy & Bill Flippin - The Sleeping King
Delay,  Karisa - The Crystal Gate 
Demeter, Rachel - Finding Gabriel
Demeter, Rachel - A Kindled Winter
DePaul, P.A. - Shadow of Doubt
Derrick, Zoey - Finding Love's Wings
Derrick, Zoey - Give Me Desire
Derrick, Zoey - Give Me Hope
Derrick, Zoey - Give Me Love
Derrick, Zoey - Give Me Reason
Devon, Cat - Tall, Dark, & Immortal
Dewey, Christopher - Deep Context
Dickson, Athol - January Justice
Dillon, Doug - Sliding Beneath the Surface
Dionne, Aubrie - An American Girl in Italy
Dionne, Aubrie - Pan's Conquest
Dionne, Aubrie - Playing the Maestro\
Dold, V.A. - Cade 
Dold, V.A. - Stefan
Donavan, Seraphina - Been Loving You Too Long
Donovan, Jessie - Blades of Magic 
Donovan, Jessie - Blaze of Secrets
Donovan, Jessie - Convincing the Cougar 
Donovan, Jessie - Cougar's First Christmas 
Donovan, Jessie - Cured by the Dragon
Donovan, Jessie - The Dragon's Dilemma
Donovan, Jessie - The Dragon Guardian 
Donovan, Jessie - The Dragon's Heart
Donovan, Jessie - A Flare of Promise 
Donovan, Jessie - Frozen Desires
Donovan, Jessie - Healed by the Dragon part 1
Donovan, Jessie - Healed by the Dragon part 2
Donovan, Jessie - Healed by the Dragon part 3
Donovan, Jessie - Healed by the Dragon part 4
Donovan, Jessie - Loved by the Dragon
Donovan, Jessie - Reawakening the Dragon Box Set
Donovan, Jessie - Reawakening the Dragon part 1
Donovan, Jessie - Reawakening the Dragon part 2
Donovan, Jessie - Reawakening the Dragon part 3
Donovan, Jessie - Reawakening the Dragon part 4
Donovan, Jessie - Reclaiming the Wolf
Donovan, Jessie - Resisting the Cougar
Donovan, Jessie - Revealing the Dragons
Donovan, Jessie - Sacrificed to the Dragon 1
Donovan, Jessie - Sacrificed to the Dragon 2
Donovan, Jessie - Sacrificed to the Dragon 3
Donovan, Jessie - Sacrificed to the Dragon 4
Donovan, Jessie - Seducing the Dragon part 1
Donovan, Jessie - Seducing the Dragon part 2
Donovan, Jessie - Seducing the Dragon part 3
Donovan, Jessie - Seducing the Dragon part 4
Donovan, Jessie - Shadow of Temptation
Donovan, Jessie - Surrendering to the Dragon
Donyo, Pema - One Last Letter
Dover, L.P. - Forever Fae
Drake, Laura - Sweet On You
Duarte, Judy - Wed by Fortune
Duat, Lilith K. - Ecstasy in Chaos 
Duffey, Jennifer B. - Beneath the Mulberry Tree
Dulin, Eric - Condemned 
du Lys, Cerys - The Billionaire's Ultimatum 
Dumont, Mars - DeepFreak

~ E ~

Eagle, Kathleen - Never Trust a Cowboy
Eddings, David - The Demon Lord of Karanda
Eddings, David - Guardians of the West
Eddings, David - King of the Murgos
Eddings, David - The Seeress of Kell
Eddings, David - The Sorceress of Darshiva
Eden, Tigris - Bonded in Shadows
Eden, Tigris - Burned in Shadows 
Eden, Tigris - Enslaved in Shadows 
Eden, Tigris - Genesis Project
Edge, T.C. - The Watchers of Eden
Edstrom, Eric - Afterlife 
Edstrom, Eric - Starkiller
Edstrom, Eric - Undermountain
Edun, Terah - Sworn to Conflict
Edun, Terah - Sworn to Defiance\
Edun, Terah - Sworn to Raise
Edun, Terah - Sworn to Secrecy
Edun, Terah - Sworn to Transfer
Ehrlich, Sigal - Retrace
Elizabeth, Anne - A Seal Forever
Elizabeth, Jordan - Escape from Witchwood Hollow
Elliot, Kendra - On Her Father's Grave
Ellis, H.E. - The Gods of Asphalt
Elray, Jon - Pattaya Beach
Elrod, Philip C. - The Krakow Klub
Engellmann, Alexandra - Sky Ghosts: All For One 
Engellmann, Alexandra - Sky Ghosts: Marco
Engellmann, Alexandra - Sky Ghosts: The Night Before
Erickson, Todd - Trying the Knot
Estes, David - The Moon Dwellers
Estes, David - The Star Dwellers
Estes, David - The Sun Dwellers
Evans, Jessica F.F. - Flames

~ F ~

Fairfax, Helena - The Antique Love
Fairfield, J.T. - Caged in Myth
Falbe, Tracy - Werelord Thal
Falor, Janeal - Mine to Spell
Falor, Janeal - Savage Light
Falor, Janeal - You Are Mine
Farrell, Courtney - Enhanced
Febry, Diana J. - Elephant in the Room
Feehan, Christine - The Twilight Before Christmas
Feldman, Kirsten - No Alligators in Sight
Feldman, Kirsten - On The Way to Everywhere
Fernando, Chantal - Tracker's End
Ferrarella, Marie - The Cowboy's Christmas Surprise
Fielding, Hannah - Burning Embers
Fielding, Hannah - The Echoes of Love
Fielding, Hannah - Indiscretion
Fielding, Hannah - Masquerade
Fine, L.J. - Relentless Liberation
Fiore, Antonello - Killer Rumors
Firman, Colee - Caught Up In You
Firman, Colee - Chasing Darkness
Firman, Colee - Dissever
Firman, Colee - The Silver Tower
Firman, Colee - Twisted Memories
Fleming, Ian - Goldfinger
Flockton, Nicole - Daniel's Decision
Flockton, Nicole - Sweet Texas Fire
Florentin, Gustavo - The Schwarzshild Radius
Ford, Lizzie - Charred Heart
Ford, Tracee - Idolum
Forester, Heather - The Highlander's Bride
Forward, Zoe - Darkness Unbound
Forward, Zoe - Dawn of the Dark Knight
Forward, Zoe - Forgotten in Darkness
Fossen, Delores - Blame It On The Cowboy
Fossen, Delores - Cowboy Behind The Badge
Fossen, Delores - The Deputy's Redemption
Fossen, Delores - Lone Star Nights
Fossen, Delores - Lone Wolf Lawman
Fossen, Delores - The Marshal's Justice
Fossen, Delores - Maverick Sheriff
Fossen, Delores - Six-Gun Showdown
Fossen, Delores - Texas On My Mind 
Fostaty, Gerry - Stage Business
Foster, Brian W. - Rise of the Mages
Foster, Geri - Out Of The Night
Foster, Lori - Back to Buckhorn
Foster, Lori - Bare It All
Foster, Lori - Buckhorn Summer
Foster, Lori - Charade
Foster, Lori - Dash of Peril
Foster, Lori - Don't Tempt Me
Foster, Lori - Fighting Dirty
Foster, Lori - Getting Rowdy
Foster, Lori - Give It Up
Foster, Lori - Hard Knocks
Foster, Lori - Holding Strong
Foster, Lori - No Limits
Foster, Lori - Tough Love
Foster, Lori - When You Dare
Foster, Lori & Beth Ciotta, Sugar Jamison - On the Naughty List
Fox, Addison - Colton's Surprise Heir 
Fox, Addison - The Professional
Frances, Jessica - Earth
Frances, Jessica - Taken by Surprise
Frauenfelder, D.W. - Skater in a Strange Land
French, Lee - Damsel in Distress
Frost, Ada - Surviving Love
Frost, Anna - The Fox's Mask
Frost, Anna - The Fox's Quest
Fuller, Karen - Cry Wolf
Funke, Pam - Operation Dark Angel
Funke, Pam - The World at War
Fyffe, Caroline - West Winds of Wyoming

~ G ~

Gabaldon, Diana - Outlander
Gaiman, Neil - The Silver Dream
Gallant, Jannine - Every Step She Takes
Gallant, Jannine - Wilde One
Gallant, Jannine - Wilde Side
Garbera, Katherine - Cowboy, It's Cold Outside 
Garbera, Katherine - One Night with the Playboy
Garcia, Leslie P. - A Love Beyond
Gardner, Dianne Lynn - The Dragon Shield
Garie, Sabrina - Next Move
Garlick, Jacqueline E. - Lumiere
Garwood, Julie - Fire & Ice
Gates, Eric J. - The Cull 
Gates, Eric J. - Full Disclosure
Gates, Eric J. - Outsourced
Gates, Kathy - Juliet's Journey
Gayle, Natalie - Finding Trust
Geissinger, J.T. - Into Darkness
Genteman, Brianna - The Sheepish Pirate
George, Christina - Climax 
George, Christina - The Publicist
George, Christina - Shelf Life
Gerrard, Karyn - His Wicked Celtic Kiss
Giacometti, Eric & Jacques Ravenne - Shadow Ritual
Gibbs, D.H. - Nika
Gilbert, Julie - The Collins Case 
Girdharry, Ann - Good Girl Bad Girl
Girdharry, Ann - Sweet Justice
Girdharry, Ann - Written on the Apple Tree
Gisby, Annette - The Chosen 
Giselle, Pippa - Mystic Mountain
Godim, Olga - Almost Adept 
Godim, Olga - Lost and Found in Russia
Goland, K.M. - Temptation
Goldfinch, Lena - The Language of Souls
Goodson, Andrea - All I Desire
Goodson, Andrea - Rapid Water
Goodson, Andrea - Riverbend
Goodson, Andrea - Waking Tide
Gower, Tina - Romancing the Null
Grace, Samantha - In Bed With A Rogue
Grace, Tammy L. - Home Blooms 
Grace, Viola - Getting Lucky
Grace, Viola - One Part Human
Graf, Rebecca - Deep Connections
Graham, Lynne - The Sheikh's Secret Babies
Gray, Sherilee - Breaking Him
Grayling, Claire - Cat Called
Green, Abby - The Bride Fonseca Needs 
Green, Abby - Fonseca's Fury
Green, Stacy - Into the Dark
Green, Stacy - Skeleton's Key
Green, Stacy - Tin God
Greene, Amanda J. - A Bewitching Christmas 
Greene, Amanda J. - Caressed by a Crimson Moon 
Greene, Amanda J. - Caressed by Moonlight 
Greene, Amanda J. - Caressed by Night
Greene, Amanda J. - Caressed by Shadows
Greene, Amanda J. - Surrender to the Chase
Greenwood, Leigh - Forever and Always
Greenwood, Leigh - To Love and Cherish
Grey, Michelle - Dangerous Ally
Grey, Rinelle - Reckless Rebellion
Grey, Rinelle - Reckless Rescue
Grey, Rinelle - The Twin Curse
Griffin, Kara - A Highlander In Peril
Griffin, Kara - In Love With A Warrior
Grimes, Claire - The Beastly Beauty Bundle 
Grimm, Sarah - Wrecked
Grothaus, Heather - Adrian 
Grothaus, Heather - Valentine
Grotta, Daniel - Seven from Haven
Grotta, Sally Wiener - Jo Joe
Grove, Desirae - Shared by her Bears Book 1
Grove, Desirae - Shared by her Bears Book 2
Grove, Desirae - Shared by her Bears Book 3
Grove, Desirae - Shared by her Bears Box Set
Guida, M.L. - Pirate`s Curse
Guidoccio, Joanne - Between Land and Sea 
Guidoccio, Joanne - A Season for Killing Blondes
Gum, Jacqueline - Confessions of a Corporate Slut 

~ H ~

Haggerty, D.E. - Buried Appearances
Haggerty, D.E. - Jack Gets His Man
Haggerty, D.E. - Life Discarded
Hall, Linda - Night Watch
Hamilton, T.J. - Buying Thyme
Hamilton, T.J. - Death's Shadow
Hamilton, T.J. - Keeping Thyme
Hamilton, T.J. - Making Thyme
Hamilton, T.J. - You Can Call Me Miranda
Hanley, Susie M. - Muse
Hanna, Carla J. - Starlet's Web
Hanna, Mona - High Coven
Hanna, Mona - High Witch
Hanna, Mona - Lucy's Wish
Hanna, Mona - Myriad
Hanna, Mona - Tanner
Hanna, Mona - Witch Emerging
Harbaugh, Claudia - Her Grace in Disgrace
Hardin, Karen R. - Heartstrings & Love Nots
Hardin, Karen R. - Loyalty
Harlow, Julia - All Tyed Up
Harman, Dianne - Blue Coyote Motel
Harris, Lynn Raye - Hot Rebel
Harris, N.W. - The Last Orphans
Harrison, Ann B. - From the Outback
Hart, Devon - Tempted by Pleasure
Hart, Dorian - The Ventifact Colossus
Hart, Tamara - Double Saute
Harte, Marie - Roadside Assistance
Harte, Marie - A Sure Thing
Harte, Marie - Test Drive
Hartman, Ron - Prophecy Foretold
Havens, Houston - Exposed Ecstasy
Havens, Houston - Intimate Betrayal
Havens, Houston - Phantom Desire
Havens, Houston - Sinful Surrender
Hawley, Samuel - Bad Elephant Far Stream
Hawley, Samuel - Homeowner with a Gun
Haymore, Jennifer - A Highlander's Heart
Hayward, Jennifer - Carrying the King's Pride 
Hayward, Jennifer - The Italian's Deal for I Do
Heart, Amber - Until You Find Me
Helcl, Elly - Najia's Sacrifice
Helcl, Elly - Tia's Folly
Helm, Nicole - Outlaw Cowboy
Helm, Nicole - Rebel Cowboy
Helms, E. Michael - Deadly Catch
Helms, E. Michael - Deadly Dunes
Helms, E. Michael - Deadly Ruse
Heltsley, Andrea - Dreamwalker
Henry, Lisa - Sweetwater
Henry, Patti Callahan - And Then I Found You
Herron, Rita - All The Beautiful Brides
Hershey, Brian - Forgotten Sin
Herzer, Natalie - Blue Moon Rising
Herzer, Natalie - Ebony Fight 
Herzer, Natalie - The Hunt is On
Herzer, Natalie - Ivory Guard
Hewitt, Kate - Expose Me
Hewitt, Kate - A Yorkshire Christmas
Hiatt, Brenda - Starcrossed
Hiatt, Brenda - Starstruck
Hickman, Shelly - Vegas to Varansi
Hill, J. Elizabeth - Bound
Hill, Marion - The Descendant of Destiny
Hibbs, Sasha - Black Abaddon
Hibbs, Sasha - Black Amaranth
Hicks, A.T. - Peaches and the Gambler
Hiestand, Heather - The Kidnapped Bride
Hippolyte, K - I, Kwan
Hobb, Robin - Assassin's Apprentice
Hobb, Robin - Royal Assassin
Hodge, Lauren - The Golden Apple of Discord
Hoffman, Kate - Seducing the Marine
Holahan, Cate - Dark Turns
Holahan, Cate - The Widower's Wife
Holland, Debra - Glorious Montana Sky
Holland, Debra - Healing Montana Sky
Holt, Desiree - Hard to Handle
Hooper, Karen Amanda - Fighting for Infinity
Hooper, Karen Amanda - Grasping at Eternity
Hooper, Karen Amanda - Taking Back Forever
Howard, Linda - Kiss Me While I Sleep
Howell, Hannah - Conqueror's Kiss
Howell, Hannah - Highland Destiny
Howell, Hannah - Highland Guard
Howell, Hannah - If He's Daring
Howell, Hannah - If He's Noble
Howell, Hannah - A Taste of Fire
Huff, Roy - City of Worms
Huff, Roy - The First Pillar
Huffman, Heather - Fool's Game
Hughey, Jill - Vain
Humphreys, Sarah - The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire 
Humphreys, Sarah - Vampires Never Cry Wolf
Hunter, Samantha - Rock Solid
Hurst, GA - Heart of an Alpha 
Husk, Shona - The Darkling Lord
Husk, Shona - To Love A King
Hutton, C.M. - Loving Her

~ I ~

Ibitz, Dale - Blood Tied 
Ibitz, Dale - Fire in the Blood
Ibitz, Dale - Kiss Me Dead
Ibitz, Dale - Strong Blood
Ibitz, Dale - Water Over Blood
Isabella, J.C. - Praying for Daylight
Ives, Susanna - Wicked, My Love
Ivy, Alexandra - When Darkness Ends

~ J ~

Jacklee, Elle - The Tree of Mindala
Jackman, Stephanie - When Angels Fall
Jackson, Brenda - Bane
Jackson, Brenda - Breaking Bailey's Rules
Jackson, Loretta & Vickie Britton - Stealer of Horses
Jackson, K.J. - Flame Moon
Jackson, Lisa - Thorne
Jacobs, Grettir - Strike Zone
Jacobs, Kyra - Armed with Steele
Jakes, S.E. - Catch A Ghost
Jakes, S.E. - Dirty Deeds
Jakes, S.E. - Free Falling
James, E.L. - Fifty Shades Darker
James, E.L. - Fifty Shades Freed
James, E.L. - Fifty Shades of Grey
James, Elle - Deadly Obsession
James, Elle - High Country Hideout
James, Elle - Protecting the Colton Bride
James, Heather - Air
James, Heather - Fire
James, Heather - Water
James, J. Frank - Dead Money Run
James, Karolyn - A Chance at Love
James, Rosalind - Nothing Personal
Jameson, Lauren - Breathe
Jamieson, Kelly - Top Shelf
Jarecki, Amy - Return of the Highland Laird
Jarema, Sabrina - Lord of the Runes
Jay, Deborah - Desprite Measures
Jay, Deborah - The Prince's Man
Jeanjean, Celine - The Viper and the Urchin 
Jeffrey, Anna - The Tycoon
Jewel, Bella - Enslaved by the Ocean
Johns, Rachael - Jilted
Johns, Rachael - Tease Me, Cowboy
Johnson, Cat - Midnight Ride
Johnson, Janice Kay - Cop by Her Side
Johnson, Katie Lynn - Amulet of Elusion
Johnson, RV - Beyond the Sapphire Gate
Johnston, Julie, et al. - Once Upon a True Love's Kiss
Johnston, Linda O. - Canadian Wolf
Jones, Juliette - Billionaire
Jones, Juliette - Masterpiece
Jones, Juliette - Wild Ride
Jones, Marianne - The Serenity Stone Murder
Jordan, Lanie - Breed of Innocence
Jourdin, Genevieve - Baby, It's Cold Outside
Jourdin, Genevieve - Fire & Ice
Jourdin, Genevieve - Just Add Heat
Julian, Stephanie - Do Not Disturb

~ K ~

Kadence, Kate - Fearless Love
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron Daughter
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron King
Kagawa, Julie - The Iron Queen
Kage, Linda - Be My Hero
Kage, Linda - The Color of Grace
Kage, Linda - Price of a Kiss
Kagni, Grace - Marco's Vines
Kaiman, Redd - Weight Loss Terrorists
Kall, Rachel - Legally Undercover
Kane, Mallory - No Hero
Kansas, J.P. - Andrea at the Center
Karaa, Sharon - The Last Challenge
Karlsen, Chris - Knight Blindness
Kassan, Peter - Lightpoints
Katmarian, Linda - Dreaming of a Laughing Hawk
Kauffman, Donna - Sandpiper Island
Kauffman, Donna - Sea Glass Sunrise
Kauffman, Donna - Snowflake Bay
Kauffman, Donna - Starfish Moon
Keane, Zara - Her Treasure Hunter Ex
Keane, Zara - Final Target
Keane, Zara - Love and Blarney
Keane, Zara - Love and Leprechauns
Keane, Zara - Love and Mistletoe
Keane, Zara - Love and Shamrocks
Keane, Zara - Love and Shenanigans
Keels, Nadine C. - Movement of Crowns
Keep, Jillian - Magic Academy
Kees, Juanita - Under Cover Of Dark
Keever, Joni - Scars of the Heart
Kemp, A.I. - Windmill Keepers
Kendrick, Sharon - The Sheikh's Christmas Conquest
Kennedy, Jeffe - Talon of the Hawk
Kennedy, Joanne - How to Kiss a Cowboy
Kennedy, Joanne - How to Wrangle a Cowboy 
Kennie, Ryshia - Suspect Witness 
Kenyhercz, Katie - Fair Trade
Kenyhercz, Katie - Full Strength
Kenyhercz, Katie - Home Ice
Kenyhercz, Katie - What Happens in Vegas
Kenyhercz, Katie - Winning Streak
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Dance With the Devil
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Kiss of The Night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Night Embrace
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Night Play
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Night Pleasures
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Seize the Night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Sins of the Night
Kerr, Philip - A Man Without Breath
Ketner,  Abi & Missy Kaliciki - Branded
Khan, Sabina - Realm of the Goddess
Khanani, Intisar - The Bone Knife
King, Susan - The Black Thorne's Rose
Kinrade, Kimberly - Forbidden Fire
Kinrade, Kimberly - Forbidden Life
Kinrade, Kimberly - Forbidden Mind
Kinrade, Kimberly - Forbidden Trilogy Omnibus
Kinrade, Kimberly - Seduced by Innocence
Kinrade, Kimberly - Seduced by Pain
Kinrade, Kimberly - Seduced by Power
Klever, Lauren - Visions
Klever, Lauren - Whispers
Kline, Addison - Down to You
Knight, Alanna - An Orkney Murder
Knight, Eliza - Highlander's Conquest
Knudson, Julie Ann - In the Middle of Nowhere
Koen, C.C - Unlikely Allies
Krafton, Ash - Bleeding Hearts
Krafton, Ash - Blood Rush
Krafton, Ash - Wolf's Bane
Kramer, Carly Ellen - How To Bake A Chocolate Souffle
Kuhn, N. - Mohawk Moon
Kuhn, N. - Mohawk Sunrise
Kuhn, N. - Storm of the Mohawk

~ L ~

LaBan, Elizabeth - The Tragedy Paper
Lace, Keegan - Madame`s Double Life
Laeuchli, Naomi - Holly(Woods)
Lain, Tara - Fast Balls
Lane, Prescott - Perfectly Broken
Lane, Prescott - Quiet Angel
Lane, Soraya - I Knew You Were Trouble
Lane, Soraya - Take Me Away Cowboy
Lane, Soraya - The Devil Wears Spurs
Langlais, Eve - Accidental Abduction 
Langalis, Eve - Adam
Langlais, Eve - Alien Abduction Series
Langlais, Eve - Already Freakn' Mated
Langlais, Eve - Aramus
Langlais, Eve - Avion
Langlais, Eve - B785
Langlais, Eve - Broomstick Beakdown
Langlais, Eve - C791
Langlais, Eve - Caribou's Gift
Langlais, Eve - Croc's Return
Langlais, Eve - Cyborgs:  More Than Machines
Langlais, Eve - Delicate Freakn' Flower
Langlais, Eve - Dual Abduction
Langlais, Eve - F814
Langlais, Eve - Grizzly Love
Langlais, Eve - Heroic Abduction
Langlais, Eve - Holiday Abduction
Langlais, Eve - Intentional Abduction
Langlais, Eve - Jealous and Freakn'
Langlais, Eve - Kodiak's Claim
Langlais, Eve - Mercenary Abduction
Langlais, Eve - Outfoxed by Love
Langlais, Eve - Panther's Claim
Langlais, Eve - Pirate
Langlais, Eve - Polar Bared
Langlais, Eve - Python's Embrace
Langlais, Eve - Reader Abduction
Langlais, Eve - Seth
Langlais, Eve - Wolf's Capture
Larry, Natasha - Darwin's Children
Larsen, Laurie - Preacher Man
Larsen, Laurie - Roadtrip to Redemption
Larsen, Laurie - Tide to Atonement
Larsen, Patti - Clone 1 
Larsen, Patti - Clone 2 
Larsen, Patti - Clone 3 
Larsen, Patti - The Clone Chronicles Omnibus
Larsen, Patti - Family Magic
Lascelles, D.A. - Transitions
Laurel, Karissa - Midnight Burning
Laurence, Andrea - The CEO's Unexpected Child
Laurence, Andrea - Feeding the Fire
Laurence, Andrea - One Week With the Best Man
Laurence, Andrea - Seduced by the Spare Heir
Laurence, Andrea - Snowed in with her Ex
Laurence, Andrea - Thirty Days to Win His Wife
Lavender, Marie - Upon Your Return
Lawrence, Briana - Double Hue
Lazar, Aaron Paul - Don't Let the Wind Catch You
Lazar, Aaron Paul - Lady Blues
Lazar, Aaron Paul - The Seacrest
Lee, Jade - 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake
Lee, Katie - Hearing Love
Lee, Lizzie Lynn - Tiger in Her Bed
Lee, Rachel - Conard County Marine
Lee, Sherrel - Valens Revenge
Lee, Sherrel - Valens Rise
Lee, Taylor - A Special Ops and Cops Christmas
Leger, Judith - Esmeralda
Leigh, Allison - A Child Under His Tree
Leigh, KaSonndra - The Crescendo
Leigh, KaSonndra - The Prelude
Leigh, Shannon - Forbidden Kiss
LeMense, Julie - Once Upon a Scandal
LeMense, Julie - Once Upon a Wager
LeMoyne, K.H. - Betrayal's Shadow
LeMoyne, K.H. - Destiny's Mark
LeMoyne, K.H. - Warrior Reborn
Lennox, Marion - Christmas at Waratah Bay
Leonard, Tina - The Cowboy SEAL's Triplets
Leonard, Tina - Heart of a Bull Rider
Leslie, Patricia - The Ouroboros Key
Leslie, Patricia - A Single Light
LeVasseur, Brent - Aoléon The Martian Girl #1
LeVasseur, Brent - Aoléon The Martian Girl #2
LeVasseur, Brent - Aoléon The Martian Girl #3
LeVasseur, Brent - Aoléon The Martian Girl #4
LeVasseur, Brent - Aoléon The Martian Girl #5
Levinson, Dan - Fires of Man
Lewellyn-Hughes, Wade - Opprobrium
Lignor, Amy - The Hero's Companion
Lignor, Amy - The Sapphire Storm
Lignor, Amy - 13
Lim, Ken - The Starfall Knight
Linden, Jessica - Fight For Me
Lindsey, Johanna - Heart of a Warrior
Lindsey, Johanna - The Heir
Lindsey, Johanna - The Pursuit
Lindsey, Johanna - A Rogue of My Own
Linton, Jodi - Pretty Reckless
Linton, Jodi - Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy
Litherland, James - Centenary Separation 
Litherland, James - Certain Hypothetical
Litherland, James - Compromised Inside
Litherland, James - Durable Impressions
Litherland, James - Millennium Crash
Litherland, James - Peripheral Encounters
Litherland, James - Prohibited Activities
Litherland, James - Starting the Slowpocalypse
Litherland, James - Threat Multiplication
Litherland, James - Uncertain Murder
Litherland, James - Whispers of the Dead
Liu, Ken, et. al. - Alt. History 101
Livingston, Jane - One With the Wind
Lockheart, Kelli - Moonlit Promise
Lockheart, Kelli - Spellbound
Lockheart, Kelli - To Cast a Stone
Loftis, Quinn - Prince of Wolves
Londergan, Ed - The Devil's Elbow
London, Julia - The Scoundrel and the Debutante
Lonefeather, Stephen G. - The Healers
Lonefeather, Stephen G. - Spirit Dance
Lorenzen, Eric - Fallen King
Lorenzen, Eric - Road of Leaves
Los, Elizabeth - Second on the Right
Louellen, Annie - Southern Hospitality
Love, Lulubelle - The Lola Diaries Drama Jerk
Lowder, J.E. - Martyr's Moon
Lowder, J.E. - Tears of Min Brock
Lowder, J.E. - When Kings Clash
Lund, Tami - The Naked Truth
Lund, Tami - Undercover Heat
Lynch, J.A. - Within the Shadows
Lynch, Julianne - Escaping Shadows
Lyon, Raquel - Foxblood: A Brush with the Moon
Lyons, Ellie - Stealing Luca's Heart
Lyons, Kathy - The Bear Who Loved Me

~ M ~

MacAlister, Ria - Heartshaped Shards
Machado, Dora - The Curse Giver
MacManus, James - Sleep in Peace Tonight
MacNeal, Susan Elia - His Majesty's Hope
MacNeal, Susan Elia - Princess Elizabeth's Spy
MacNicol, Susan - Cassandra by Starlight
Macomber, Debbie - 16 Lighthouse Road
Macomber, Debbie - 44 Cranberry Point
Macomber, Debbie - 50 Harbor Street
Macomber, Debbie - 204 Rosewood Lane
Macomber, Debbie - 311 Pelican Court
Macomber, Debbie - 1225 Christmas Tree Lane
Macomber, Debbie - Angels at the Table
Macomber, Debbie - A Cedar Cove Christmas
Macomber, Debbie - The Christmas Basket
Macomber, Debbie - Dakota Born
Macomber, Debbie - Dashing Through the Snow
Macomber, Debbie - Friends - And Then Some
Macomber, Debbie - A Girl's Guide to Moving On
Macomber, Debbie - A Good Yarn
Macomber, Debbie - Here Comes Trouble
Macomber, Debbie - The Inn at Rose Harbor
Macomber, Debbie - Last One Home
Macomber, Debbie - A Little Bit Country
Macomber, Debbie - Lost and Found in Cedar Cove
Macomber, Debbie - Love Letters
Macomber, Debbie - The Manning Brides
Macomber, Debbie - Mr. Miracle
Macomber, Debbie - Mrs. Miracle
Macomber, Debbie - Navy Wife
Macomber, Debbie - Rose Harbor in Bloom
Macomber, Debbie - A Season of Angels
Macomber, Debbie - The Shop on Blossom Street
Macomber, Debbie - Silver Linings
Macomber, Debbie - Someday Soon
Macomber, Debbie - Starry Night
Macomber, Debbie - Susannah's Garden
Macomber, Debbie - Sweet Tomorrows
Macomber, Debbie - Those Christmas Angels
Macomber, Debbie - Trading Christmas
Madau, Ashley - Morningside
Madison, Dakota - After Alex Died
Madison, Dakota - Fair Play
Madison, Dakota - Final Play
Madison, Dakota - Matchplay
Main, Lisa Marie - Morning Light Coven
Malby, F.C. - Take me to the Castle
Malcolm, Kayleigh - Claiming his Cub 
Mallery, Susan - Almost Perfect
Mallery, Susan - Before We Kiss
Mallery, Susan - Best of My Love
Mallery, Susan - Chasing Perfect
Mallery, Susan - Christmas on 4th Street:  Yours for Christmas
Mallery, Susan - The Christmas Wedding Ring
Mallery, Susan - Daughters of the Bride
Mallery, Susan - Finding Perfect
Mallery, Susan - The Friends We Keep 
Mallery, Susan - The Girls of Mischief Bay
Mallery, Susan - Hold Me
Mallery, Susan - Kiss Me
Mallery, Susan - Marry Me at Christmas
Mallery, Susan - Only Mine
Mallery, Susan - Sister of the Bride
Mallery, Susan - Thrill Me
Mallery, Susan - Until We Touch
Mallery, Susan - When We Met
Mallory, Margaret - The Guardian
Mann, Catherine & Joanne Rock - Bride on the Run
Mann, Catherine - Pregnant by the Cowboy CEO
Mann, Catherine - Pursued by the Rich Rancher
Mann, Marni - Seductive Secrecy
Mann, Marni - Seductive Shadows
Mann, Patricia - Is This All There Is?
Manning, Diane Daniels - Almost Perfect
March, Emily - Angel's Rest
March, Emily - A Callahan Carol
March, Emily - Christmas in Eternity Springs
March, Emily - Heartache Falls
March, Emily - Heartsong Cottage
March, Emily - Hummingbird Lake
March, Emily - Lover's Leap
March, Emily - Luke
March, Emily - Mark
March, Emily - Matt:  The Callahan Brothers
March, Emily - Mistletoe Mine
March, Emily - Nightingale Way
March, Emily - Reunion Pass
Mariel, Amanda - Scandalous Endeavors
Mariel, Amanda - Scandalous Intentions
Marinelli, Carol - The Sheikh's Baby Scandal
Markinson, T.B. - Claudia Must Die
Markinson, T.B. - Confessions From A Coffee Shop
Markinson, T.B. - Marionette
Markinson, T.B. - A Woman Lost
Marks, Alaina - Friends with Benefits
Marks, Erika - A Very Married Christmas
Marren, Susannah - Between the Tides
Marsden, K.S. - The Shadow Rises
Marsden, K.S. - The Shadow Falls
Marsden, K.S. - The Shadow Reigns
Marsh, Anne - At the Viking's Command
Martin, Amy - In Your Dreams
Martin, Christina - The Automat 
Martin, Kat - Against the Tide
Martin, Meagan D. - Forbidden Angel
Marts, Jennie - Hidden Away
Mather, Anne - A Forbidden Temptation
Matthews, R.C. - Breaking His Rules
Matthews, R.C. - A Night to Remember
Maurin, Thomas - Broken Trust
Maxxwell, Lexi - Anticipation
Maxxwell, Lexi - Cheated
Maxxwell, Lexi - Divorced
Maxxwell, Lexi - Engaged
May, Laura - Pickles and Ponies
Mayer, Dale - It's a Dog's Life
Mayer, Dale - Touched by Death
Maynard, Janice - How to Sleep With the Boss 
Maynard, Janice - Minding Her Boss's Business
Maynard, Janice - Second Chance with the Billionaire
Maynard, Janice - Stranded with the Rancher
McAneny, Anne - Circled
McAneny, Anne - Raveled
McAneny, Anne - Skewed
McBain, Laurie - Chance the Winds of Fortune
McBain, Laurie - Dark Before the Rising Sun
McBain, Laurie - The Dominik Trilogy
McBain, Laurie - Moonstruck Madness
McCaffrey, Kristy - The Dove
McCaffrey, Kristy - Into the Land of Shadows
McCaffrey, Kristy - The Sparrow
McCaffrey, Kristy - The Wren
McCarthy, Cori - Breaking Sky
McCarthy, Erin - Dream Maker
McCarty, Sarah - Ace's Wild
McCarty, Sarah - Caden's Vow
McCarty, Sarah - Caine's Reckoning
McCarty, Sarah - Sam's Creed
McCarty, Sarah - Shadow's Stand
McCarty, Sarah - Tracker's Sin
McCarty, Sarah - Tucker's Claim
McCauley, Erin - The Betrayal
McClone, Melissa - A Christmas Homecoming
McClone, Melissa - Kiss Me Cowboy
McClone, Melissa - Mistletoe Wedding
McClone, Melissa - Winning Back His Wife
McCloskey, Scott - Everywhere the Road Ends
McCloskey, Scott - The Goldenwealth Light
McCoy, Shirlee - Protection Detail
McCoy, Shirlee - Secrets and Lies
McCulloch, Lance - The Colors of Blue
McDavid, Cathy & Debbie Macomber - Come Home Cowboy: My Funny Valentine
McDavid, Cathy - The Bull Rider's Son
McDavid, Cathy - Having the Rancher's Baby
McDavid, Cathy - More Than a Cowboy
McDavid, Cathy - Rescuing the Cowboy
McDavid, Cathy - X-Treme Dating
McHenry, D.P. - A Place Within Her
McKay, Eliott - Midnight Engagement
McKenna, Elizabeth - Venice in the Moonlight
McKenna, Lindsay - Night Hawk
McKenna, Lindsay - Running Fire
McKenna, Lindsay - Taking Fire
McKenna, Lindsay - Wind River
McKenna, Lindsay - Wolf Haven
McKenna, Lindsay, Delores Fossen, & Geri Krotow - Coming Home for Christmas
McMaster, Bec - Of Silk and Steam
McNulty, Janet - Legends Lost:  Galdin
McQuay, Jessica - Black Moon
Meagher, Shelagh - Colour Studies
Meagher, Shelagh - Pearls in the Ashes
Medina, Jeanette - Bound to Me
Meter, Kimberly Van  & Liz Talley - A Wrong Bed Christmas
Meyer, Katie - The Puppy Proposal
Meyer, Katie - A Valentine for the Veterinarian
Michaels, Leigh - The Unlikely Santa
Michaels, Kelly R. - Archer of the Lake
Michaels, Tanya - Falling for the Rancher
Michaels, Tanya - Falling for the Sheriff
Michaels, Tanya - Her Cowboy Hero
Michelle, P.T. - Dark Roses PRN Bundle
Middleton, Audra - Abomination
Miller, Debra Ann - Ascended
Miller, Linda Lael - Always a Cowboy
Miller, Linda Lael - Christmas in Mustang Creek
Miller, Linda Lael - The Marriage Charm
Miller, Linda Lael - The Marriage Pact
Miller, Linda Lael - The Marriage Season
Miller, Linda Lael - Once a Rancher
Miller, Linda Lael - Snowflakes on the Sea
Miller, S.P. - Bound to be Punished
Mills, Ella - Discovering Brenna
Minton, Brenda - Her Rancher Bodygaurd
Moning, Karen Marie - Bloodfever
Moning, Karen Marie - Darkfever
Moning, Karen Marie - Faefever
Montagano, Lynn - Unravel Me
Morcan, Lance & James - The Ninth Orphan
Morey, Jennifer - The Marine's Temptation
Morey, Jennifer - A Wanted Man
Morgan, Andrew J. - Noah`s Ark
Morgan, Angi - Bulletproof Badge
Morgan, Sarah - Some Kind of Wonderful
Morin, B.C. - Blood of the Sorcerer
Morin, B.C. - Mark of the Princess
Morgan, Kit - The Christmas Mail Order Bride
Morgan, Sarah - First Time in Forever
Morrison, Shelby K. - From the Ashes
Moss, Elizabeth - Wolf Bride
Mountifield, Jess - Chains of Freedom
Mugdan, Elana A. - Dragon Speaker
Mulry, Megan - Bound to be a Groom
Mulry, Megan - Bound with Honor
Munro, Elizabeth - SkyFall
Munro, Elizabeth - Wingspan
Munroe, Lucy - A Virgin for His Prize
Munroe, Lucy - Wild Heat
Murdock, Diana - Again 

~ N ~

Nacole, Brandy - Blood Burdens 
Nacole, Brandy - Uniquely Unwelcome
Nagle, Megan Dent - Azurite
Nash, Layla - Cut to the Chase
Neeley, Robyn - Ashley's Allegiance 
Neeley, Robyn - Batter Up
Neeley, Robyn - Holiday Wedding
Neeley, Robyn - Kiss and Make Up 
Neeley, Robyn - Sweet Texas Charm
Neeley, Robyn - Tangled Up
Neggers, Carla - Declan's Cross
Neggers, Carla - Echo Lake
Negovetich, Sarah - Rite of Redemption
Negovetich, Sarah - Rite of Rejection
Negovetich, Sarah - Rite of Revelation 
Neville, Katherine - A Calculated Risk
Neville, Katherine - The Eight 
Neville, Katherine - The Magic Circle
Nichols, Sandra - Dead Mentors
Nicol, Susan Mac - Together in Starlight
Nieto, Ron C. - The Wild Curse
Nieto, Ron C. - The Wild Hunt
Noel, Klebian - Roots
Nolan, Kait - Get Me To You
Norfield, A.J. - Windcatcher
North, Vanessa - Double Up
Nostromo, Faberge - His Secret Dancer
Novak, Brenda - Discovering You
Novak, Brenda - A Matter of Grave Concern
Novak, Brenda - The Secret Sister
Novak, Brenda - This Heart of Mine
Nuest, A.J. - Braedric's Bane 
Nuest, A.J. - Caedmon's Curse 
Nuest, A.J. - Candra's Freedom
Nuest, A.J. - A Furious Muse 
Nuest, A.J. - Jezebel's Wish
Nuest, A.J. - Rowena's Key
Nuest, A.J. - The Sacrifice
Nuest, A.J. - A Time of Reckoning
Nuest, A.J. - A Wizard Rises

~ O ~

Oak, Raven - Amaskan's Blood 
Oak, Raven - Class-M Exile 
O'Brien, Emerald - Darkness Follows
O'Brien, Emerald - Shadows Remain
Ochart, Nicole - Immoral Love
O'Clare, Lorie - Hot Pursuit
O'Halloran, Katryn - The Bad Girls' Club 
O'Kane, Teresa - Safari Jema
O'Keefe, Charles - Killer on the Road
Oldaker, Jane - Nothing Ventured
Oriel, Susan - The Real Thing
Orr, Sally - When a Rake Falls
Osborne, Mary A. - Alchemy's Daughter 
O'Sullivan, Katie - Blood of a Mermaid 
O'Sullivan, Katie - My Kind of Crazy
O'Sullivan, Katie - Son of a Mermaid
Otto, Elizabeth - Can't Resist a Cowboy 
Overbrook, Kristine - Redeeming the Night

~ P ~

Pace, Alicia Hunter - Forgiving Jackson
Pace, Alicia Hunter - Healing Beau 
Pace, Alicia Hunter - Heath's Hope
Pace, Alicia Hunter - Nickolai's Noel
Pace, Alicia Hunter - Redeeming Rafe
Pace, Alicia Hunter - Reforming Gabe
Pace, Alicia Hunter - Secrets Gone South
Pace, S.M. - Wings of the Butterfly
Palmer, Diana - Man of Ice
Palmer, Diana - Wyoming Strong
Pappano, Marilyn - Bayou Hero 
Parker, Ellen - Hiding Places
Parker, Mysti - Hearts in Exile
Parker, Mysti - A Ranger's Tale
Parker, Mysti - Serenya's Song
Paterson, Cindy - Fall
Paterson, Cindy - Jump
Paterson, Cindy - Step
Patrick, Darren T. - The Cloudstone Key 
Patterson, Salem - Second Summer
Patterson, Ty - The Warrior
Paul, Kishan - Blind Love 
Pearce, Kate et al. - Love Is...
Pearson, Karyn - Hunter's Assessment
Pence, Leona - Hemphill Towers
Pendleton, Dawn - Broken Promises 
Penelope, L. - Song of Blood and Stone
Perry, Marta and Jo Ann Brown - Amish Christmas Blessings
Perry, Mary Hart - Seducing the Princess
Perry, Mary Hart - Shadow Princess
Pesaro, Luca - Zero Alternative
Petterson, Bev - Horses and Heroin
Phillips, Christina - Betrayed 
Phillips, Christina - Bloodlust Denied
Phillips, Christina - Captive
Phillips, Christina - Enslaved
Phillips, Christina - Forbidden
Phillips, Christina - Her Vengeful Scot 
Phillips, Christina - Hold Me Until Forever
Phillips, Christina - Hold Me Until Midnight
Phillips, Christina - Hold Me Until Morning
Phillips, Christina - Tainted
Pierce, Robyn M. - Darkest Embrace
Pinter, Elaine - Eternal Mercury
Plank, Tonya - Fever, A Ballroom Dance Box Set
Plowright, Annaliese - The One
Pohler, Eva - The Calibans 
Pohler, Eva - The Gatekeeper's Bride
Pohler, Eva - The Gatekeeper's Daughter
Pohler, Eva - The Gatekeeper's House
Pohler, Eva - The Gatekeeper's Promise
Pohler, Eva - The Gatekeeper's Secret
Pohler, Eva - The Gatekeeper's Sons
Pohler, Eva - Gray's Domain
Pohler, Eva - Hypnos
Pohler, Eva - Mystery Box
Pohler, Eva - The Mystery House
Pohler, Eva - Mystery Tomb
Pohler, Eva - The Purgatorium
Pohler, Eva - The Purgatorium Box Set
Pohler, Eva - Vampire Addiction
Pohler, Eva - Vampire Affliction
Pohler, Eva - Vampire Ascension
Pollard, Helen - Holding Back
Pollard, Helen - Warm Hearts in Winter
Pop, Cora - Wanderings on Darker Shores
Porter, Jane - The Kidnapped Christmas Bride
Power, Jim - End of the Line
Price, Kaitlyn - Avenging Amethyst 
Printy, Jen - My Soul Immortal
Proach, Deanna - To be Maria
Proby, Kristen - Seducing Lauren
Proell, Joyce - A Burning Truth 
Pullen, M.J. - Baggage Check 
Pullen, M.J. - Every Other Saturday
Pullen, M.J. - The Marriage Pact
Pullen, M.J. - Regrets Only

~ Q ~

~ R ~

Rachiele, Amy - Silencing Joy
Radcliff, Alexis - A Vanishing Glow
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - All But Human
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Bonds
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Broken 
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Conpulsio
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Daniel's Fire
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Fifth of Blood
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Flux of Skin
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Games of Fate
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Prolusio
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Quidell Brothers Box Set
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Robert's Soul
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Silent
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Thomas's Muse
Radcliffe, Kris Austen - Thomas's Need
Rae, Nikki - Animal 
Rae, Nikki - The Donor 1
Rae, Nikki - The Donor 2
Rae, Nikki - The Donor 3
Rae, Nikki - The Donor (full)
Rae, Nikki - Sun Damage
Rae, Nikki - Sun Poisoned
Rae, Nikki - Sunshine
Rafferty, Kris - Betrayed by a Kiss
Raine, Maggie - Cave of Captive Hearts 
Rajakumar, Mohanalakshimi - An Unlikely Goddess 
Rajakumar, Mohanalakshimi - The Dohmestics
Rand, B.J. - The Girl With No Shoes
Rand, Violetta - Blind Allegiance 
Rand, Violetta - Blind Confession 
Rand, Violetta - Blind Redemption
Rand, Violetta - Desire's Fury
Rand, Violetta - Her Highland Rogue
Rand, Violetta - Love's Fury
Rand, Violetta - Loving Lucas
Rand, Violetta - Persuasion
Rand, Violetta - Possession
Rand, Violetta - Seduction
Rand, Violetta - Sin
Rand, Violetta - Surrender
Rand, Violetta - Wanted by the Warrior
Rao, Simi K. - The Accidental Wife 
Rao, Simi K. - Incurable Insanity
Ray, Johnny - For Love and Vengeance
Raye, Kimberly - Texas Thunder
Reed, Terri - Ransom
Regan, Lisa - Aberration
Reisz, Tiffany - Her Halloween Treat
Rice, Lisa Marie - Midnight Run
Richards, Jay - Silhouette of Virtue
Richards, Val - Eleventh Elementum
Richards, Val - Hollowed Humusara
Richey, James Eric - Two Hearts
Richter, R.C. - Crossing the Rubicon 
Riddell, Jane - Chergui's Child 
Riddell, Jane - Water's Edge
Ridgewood, Tori L. - Blood and Fire 
Ridgewood, Tori L. - Crystal and Wand 
Ridgewood, Tori L. - Wind and Shadows
Riley, Erin S. - Odin's Shadow
Rimmer, Christine - The Maverick's Accidental Bride
Ring, Ginger - Getting Down to Business
Riordan, Rick - The House of Hades
Riva, Peter - Murder on Safari
Riva, Peter - The Path
Riva, Peter - Reaching Angelica
Rhoades, Jacqueline - The Alpha's Choice  
Rhoades, Jacqueline - The Alpha's Daughter
Rhoades, Jacqueline - The Alpha's Mate
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Changing Times
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Guardian's Faith
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Guardian's Grace
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Guardian's Hope
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Guardian's Joy
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Guardian's Patience
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Preston's Mill
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Rabbit Creek Santa
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Roark
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Tor
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Wolver's Gold
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Wolver's Rescue
Rhoades, Jacqueline - Wolver's Reward
Roane, Caris - Brink of Eternity
Roane, Caris - The Darkening
Roberts, Jessica - Reflection
Roberts, Victoria - Kilts and Daggers
Roberts, Victoria - My Highland Spy
Robinson, Tammy - Charlie and Pearl
Robyns, Claire - Falling for Alexander
Rogers, Dena - Drive Me Sane
Rogers, Garry - Corr Syl the Warrior
Rohman, Rebecca - Love, Lies, and the D.A.
Rohman, Rebecca - Love M.D.
Rohman, Rebecca - A Problematic Love
Rohman, Rebecca - Uncorked
Rollins, Terry L. - Married to the Military
Romain, Theresa - Season For Desire
Romain, Theresa - Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress
Ronan, Evan - The Unearthed
Rose, M.J. - The Witch of Painted Sorrows
Rose, Nashoda - Torn from You
Rose, Nashoda - With You
Rosko, Mandy - Burns Like Fire
Rosko, Mandy - Shock to Your System
Ross, Rektok - Prodigal
Rotenberg, David - Murder of Crows
Roth, Ellen A. - Ten Fingers Touching
Roth, Veronica - Allegiant
Roth, Veronica - Divergent
Roth, Veronica - Insurgent
Rothert, Brenda - Bound
Rothert, Brenda - Captive
Rothert, Brenda - Drive
Rothert, Brenda - Edge
Rothert, Brenda - Now and Again
Rothert, Brenda - Now and Forever
Rothert, Brenda - Now and Then
Rouda, Kaira - The Trouble with Christmas
Roux, Lilou - Drawn
Roux, Lilou - Roused
Ruggle, Katie - Fan the Flames
Ruggle, Katie - Gone Too Deep
Ruggle, Katie - Hold Your Breath
Ruggle, Katie - In Safe Hands
Rummler, Sherry - Entrusted
Russell, David - Self's Blossom
Russell, Gerri - A Laird for Christmas
Rutigliano, Emilia - Napoleon
Ryan, R.C. - Matt
Ryan, Julie - Sophia's Secret
Ryan, M.L. - Special Attraction
Ryan, Shayna - One Week in Maine
Ryan-Davis, Emily - Tangled & Bound
Ryder, Dawn - Filthy Rich
Ryder, S.K. - Dark Heart of the Sun

~ S ~

Saidak, Sandra - The Seal Queen
Saincic, Mario - Seasons
Sala, Sharon - Cold Hearts 
Sala, Sharon - Wild Hearts
Salazar, Brandi - Addicted to Magic 
Salazar, Brandi - Buried Secrets 
Salazar, Brandi - Darkness and Lies
Salazar, Brandi - Faerie Tales
Salazar, Brandi - Spring Cleaning
Salazar, Brandi - A Warrior's Betrayal
Salonen, Debra - Montana Darling
Salonen, Debra - Montana Hero
Salonen, Debra - Montana Rebel
Salonen, Debra - Montana Rogue
Sams, Candace - Prince of Luster
Sanders, Jill - Finding Pride
Sanders, Judith - In His Stead
Sanderson, Brandon - Warbreaker 
Sands, Charlene - Claim Me, Cowboy
Sarno, Sylvia - Sufficient Ransom
Saunders, Craig - Masters of Blood and Bone
Sawyer, Jenn - Passion Eternal
Scaramuzzo, Kandy Kay - Pie, An Old Brown Horse
Scavina, Tomica - Kaleidoscope World
Scherer, Tommy - Soul Wars
Schield, Cat - Because of the Baby
Schield, Cat - Nanny Makes Three
Schield, Cat - A Royal Baby Surprise
Schield, Cat - Secret Child, Royal Scandal
Schmidt, Jamie K. - Fever
Schmidt, Jamie K. - Necessary Evil
Scornavacca, Cleo - Identity
Scornavacca, Cleo - Miss Taken
Scott, Michelle - Straight to Hell
Scott, Susan - Dragons Will Fall
Scott, Susannah - Luck of the Dragon
Scott, Susannah - Stop Dragon My Heart Around
Scott, Tori - Blame It On Texas 
Scrieva, Nadia - Boundless Sea 
Scrieva, Nadia - Drowning Mermaids
Scrieva, Nadia - Fathoms of Forgiveness
Sebastian, David N. - Infinitas
Sefer, Andrea - Spellbound in His Arms
SeRine, Kate - Stop at Nothing
Seton, Cora - The Cowboy Earns a Bride 
Sex, Nikki - Amy's Forbidden Fantasy 
Sex, Nikki - Bound and Freed 
Sex, Nikki - Carmen's New York Climax 
Sex, Nikki - Carmen's New York Escape 
Sex, Nikki - Carmen's New York Love 
Sex, Nikki - Carmen's New York Romance
Sex, Nikki - Elizabeth's Bondage Boxed Set
Sex, Nikki - Fate
Sex, Nikki - Karma
Sex, Nikki - Kink
Sex, Nikki - What Wendy Wants
Shalvis, Jill - All I Want 
Shalvis, Jill - Animal Attraction 
Shalvis, Jill - Animal Magnetism 
Shalvis, Jill - Head Over Heels
Shalvis, Jill - Lucky In Love
Shalvis, Jill - My Kind of Wonderful
Shalvis, Jill - Nobody But You 
Shalvis, Jill - Rescue My Heart 
Shalvis, Jill - Rumour Has It
Shalvis, Jill - Second Chance Summer
Shalvis, Jill - Simply Irresistible
Shalvis, Jill - Still the One
Shalvis, Jill - The Sweetest Thing 
Shalvis, Jill - Then Came You
Shannon, Colleen - Sinclair Justice
Shapiro, Peter David - Portrait of Ignatius Jones
Sharp, Anthea - Brea's Tale
Sharp, Anthea - Elfhame
Sharp, Anthea - Feyland:  The Bright Court
Sharp, Anthea - Feyland:  The Dark Realm
Sharp, Anthea - Feyland:  The Twilight Kingdom
Sharp, Anthea - Marny
Sharp, Anthea - Royal
Sharp, Anthea - Spark
Sharp, L.B. - First Bite
Shaw, Morgan - Southern Whiskey
Sherrill, F.M. - Ivory
Sherwood, JJ - King or Pawns
Shield, Cat - The Black Sheep's Secret Child
Shin, Tom - My Teachers are Zombies
Shoultz, D.R. - Corrupt Connection 
Shoultz, D.R. - It Goes On
Showalter, Gena - The Darkest Fire
Showalter, Gena - The Darkest Kiss
Showalter, Gena - The Darkest Night
Showalter, Gena - The Darkest Passion
Showalter, Gena - The Darkest Pleasure
Showalter, Gena - The Darkest Whisper
Sieters, Nadene - The Prince's Ex
Silver, Emma - Blackbrooke 
Silver, Saige - Yellowstone Fugitive
Simmons, D.N. - Desires Unleashed
Simmons, D.N. - The Guilty Innocent
Simmons, D.N. - The Pleasure Room
Simmons, D.N. - The Royal Flush
Simpson, Nathaniel - Opening the Ball
Sinclair, Kira - Testing The Limits
Sinclair, Victoria - Lessons in Love
Singh, Nalini - Slave to Sensation
Sipe, Marion - A Sign in Blood
Sivec, Ivan - The X Factor
Small, Beatrice - The Border Lord and the Lady 
Smith, Becca C. - Atlas 
Smith, Brian Robert - Purified
Smith, Christina - Delusions
Smith, Christina - Fated Dreams
Smith, Christina - Finding Abigail
Smith, Christina - Riley's Curse
Smith, Christina - Riley's Redemption
Smith, Christina - Riley's Secret
Smith, Christina - Riley's Torment
Smith, Julia Phillips - Bound by Dragonsfyre 
Smith, Melanie P. - Dusk
Smith, N.K. - Are You Mine? 
Smith, S.E. - Abducting Abby 
Smith, S.E. - Ambushing Ariel
Smith, S.E. - Capturing Cara 
Smith, S.E. - Choosing Riley
Smith, S.E. - Command Decision
Smith, S.E. - Cornering Carmen
Smith, S.E. - Ha'ven's Song
Smith, S.E. - Jo's Journey
Smith, S.E. - Paul's Pursuit
Smith, S.E. - Rescuing Mattie
Smith, S.E. - River's Run
Smith, S.E. - Star's Storm
Smith, S.E. - Tracking Trisha
Smith, S.E. - Twin Dragons
Smith, S.E. - Viper's Defiant
Smith, S.E. - A Warrior's Heart
Smith, Tracey - Love Trilogy
Smith, Tracey - Love's Chance
Smith, Tracey - Love's Destiny
Smith, Tracey - Love's Fate
Smith, Tracey - A Spring Scandal
Smith, Tracey - A Summer Romance
Smith, Tracey - A Winter Wedding
Snider, Sarah C. - The Thirteenth Tower
Snopek, Roxanne - The Cowboy Next Door 
Snopek, Roxanne - A Sweet Montana Christmas
Sollerh, Darryl - Alibis of the Heart
Sollerh, Darryl - Shadow Game
Spear, Terry - Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply
Spear, Terry - Jaguar Pride
Spear, Terry - SEAL Wolf Hunting
Spear, Terry - SEAL Wolf in Too Deep 
Spear, Terry - A Silver Wolf Christmas
Spear, Terry - A Very Jaguar Christmas
Spears, June - Elijah's Conquest
Speights, Jay - Seven Days With Adam
Spencer, Lindy - Boomerang Effect 
Sprague, Reed - Eddy's Current
St. Aubin, Cynthia - From Hell to Breakfast 
St. Claire, Roxanne - Barefoot at Moonrise
St. Claire, Roxanne - Barefoot Bound 
St. Claire, Roxanne - Barefoot in Pearls 
St. Claire, Roxanne - Barefoot with a Bad Boy 
St. Denis, Daire - Sweet Seduction
St. John, Cheryl - Want Ad Wedding
Stacey, William - Black Monastery 
Stacey, William - Blood Fiends' Bane
Stacey, William - Starlight
Thacker, Cathy Gillen - A Texas Soldier's Family
Steele, Nikki - Blind Date 
Steele, Nikki - Blind Spot
Steele, Nikki - Blind Trust
Steele, Nikki - First Kiss
Steele, Nikki - Frozen Dreams
Steele, Nikki - Frozen Fire
Steele, Nikki - Frozen Heart
Steele, Nikki - Frozen Lust
Steele, Nikki - Hollywood Secrets
Steele, Nikki - The Puppy & the Crown
Steele, Nikki - The Puppy & the Damsel
Steele, Nikki - The Puppy & the Prince
Steele, Nikki - The Puppy & the Queen
Steele, Nikki - The Scientist & The CEO
Steele, Nikki - Song for the Billionaire
Stephen, Lee - Dawn of Destiny
Stephen, Lee - Outlaw Trigger
Stephens, S.C. - Furious Rush
Stevens, Dustin - 21 Hours
Stewart, J.M. - Her Soldier's Touch
Stewart, J.M. - Luc
Stewart, J.M. - Winning the Billionaire
Stewart, Karen-Ann - Ash to Steele
Stone, Feather - The Guardian's Wildchild
Stone, Peter R. - Forager
Stoyanoff, Ashley - Deadly Crush
Stoyanoff, Ashley - Deadly Mates
Stoyanoff, Ashley - Deadly Pack
Stoyanoff, Ashley - If I Could Do It Again
Stoyanoff, Ashley - Play It Again
Stoyanoff, Ashley - The Soul's Mark:  Broken
Stoyanoff, Ashley - The Soul's Mark:  Changed
Stoyanoff, Ashley - The Soul's Mark: Found
Stoyanoff, Ashley - The Soul's Mark: Hunted
Stoyanoff, Ashley - The Soul's Mark Series
Stoyanoff, Ashley - Two Truths and a Lie
Stoyanoff, Ashley - Waking Dreams
Strang, Phillip - The Haberman Virus
Strassel, Kristen - Because the Night 
Strassel, Kristen - Night Moves
Strassel, Kristen - Seasons in the Sun
Strassel, Kristen - We Own The Night
Strohmeyer, Sarah - Kindred Spirits
Strom, Abigail - Almost Like Love
Stroud, Allen - The Sword of Wisimir
Stuart, Anne - Never Marry A Viscount
Subject, Jessica E. - Her Alien Hero
Sullivan, Mary - No Ordinary Home
Summars, Karynne - Desperate Pursuit in Venice
Sundin, Jesikah - Legacy
Swank, Denise Grover - Only You

~ T ~ 

Taiden,  Milly - Curves 'Em Right
Taiden,  Milly - Geek Bearing Gifts
Taiden,  Milly - Her Purrfect Match
Taiden,  Milly - The Mate Challenge
Taiden,  Milly - Scent of a Mate
Taiden,  Milly - Twice the Growl
Taiden,  Milly, et al. - Spring Fever: Shifters in Love
Taylor, Kerry - Love or Money
Teshco, Mel,  Christina Phillips, & Cathleen Ross - Taken by the Sheikh
Thacker, Cathy Gillen - A Texas Cowboy's Christmas
Thawer, Tish -Aradia Awakens
Thayne, RaeAnne - The Christmas Ranch
Thayne, RaeAnne - Redemption Bay
Thayne, RaeAnne - Riverbend Road
Thayne, RaeAnne - Snowfall on Haven Point
Theriot, Jennifer - Out of the Box Awakening
Thoma, Chrystalla - Azure
Thomas, Jodi - Lone Heart Pass
Thomas, Jodi - One True Heart
Thomas, Jodi - Ransom Canyon
Thomas, Jodi - Rustler's Moon
Thomas, Jodi - Sunrise Crossing
Thomas, Marin - A Cowboy's Claim
Thomas, Marin - A Cowboy of Her Own
Thomas, Rebecca - The Blacksmith's Son
Thomas, Rebecca - The Earl's Christmas Colt
Thomas, S.J. - Haye Deborah Diddle
Thomas, Valerie - Auburn:  Outcasts & Underdogs
Thomas, Valerie - The Clique
Thomason, Megan - Daynight
Thompson, Christina - Chemical Attraction 
Thompson, Christina - Chemical Reaction
Thompson, Nancy S. - Leverage
Thompson, Nancy S. - The Mistaken
Thompson, Vicki Lewis - Cowboy All Night
Thompson, Vicki Lewis - A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe
Thompson, Vicki Lewis - A Last Chance Christmas
Thompson, Vicki Lewis - Midnight Thunder
Thompson, Vicki Lewis - Riding Hard
Thompson, Vicki Lewis - Riding Home
Thompson, Vicki Lewis - Rolling Like Thunder
Thompson, Vicki Lewis - Thunderstruck
Thomson, H.D. - Shrouded in Illusion
Thornton, Monica - Bearing the Monster's Baby
Tillery, Monica - Adam's Ambition
Tillery, Monica - Sweet Texas Kiss
Tipton, A.J - Alpha's Domain . 
Tipton, A.J - Alpha's Heir
Tipton, A.J - Alpha's Mates
Tipton, A.J - Fired Up
Tipton, A.J - Handsome and the Beast
Tipton, A.J - Her Christmas Viking
Tipton, A.J - Her Delicious Dragon
Tipton, A.J - Her Fiery Viking
Tipton, A.J - Her Immortal Viking
Tipton, A.J - Her Rock Hard Viking
Tipton, A.J - Her Steamy Viking
Tipton, A.J - Snow Truer Love
Torre, Alessandra - End of the Innocence
Torre, Alessandra - Masked Innocence
Trent, Holley - The Cougar's Bargain
Turner, Genevieve - Autumn Sage
Turner, Genevieve - The Cowboy's Christmas Seduction
Turner, Genevieve - High Country Spring
Turner, Genevieve - The Sheriff Takes a Bride
Turner, Genevieve - Summer Chaparral
Twombly, Valerie - Eternal Flame
Twombly, Valerie - Fatal Desire
Tyler, Paige - Her Fierce Warrior 
Tyler, Paige - Her Rogue Alpha
Tyler, Paige - Her Wild Hero
Tyler, Paige - Hungry Like the Wolf
Tyler, Paige - In The Company of Wolves
Tyler, Paige - To Love a Wolf
Tyler, Paige - Wolf Trouble

~ U ~

Underwood, Barbara - Rhuna: Box Set
Underwood, Barbara - Rhuna: Crossroads
Underwood, Barbara - Rhuna: Keeper of Wisdom
Underwood, Barbara - Rhuna: The Star Child
Ungureanu, Petronela - Lost in the Seven Worlds
Unsworth, Wendy - The Palaver Tree

~ V ~

Vaile, Sandy - Inheriting Fear
Vale, Vanessa - Their Reluctant Bride by
Valentine, J.C. - Stranded
Valentine, J.C. - That First Kiss
Valentine, Vickie - Claiming the Boss
Valentine, Vickie - Meeting the Boss
Valentine, Vickie - Pleasing the Boss
Valentine, Vickie - The Boss
Valjan, Gabriel - Corporate Citizen
Valjan, Gabriel - Roma, Underground
Valjan, Gabriel - Threading the Needle
Valjan, Gabriel - Turning to Stone
Valjan, Gabriel - Wasp's Nest
Vane, Victoria, et. al - Passionate Promises
Vane, Victoria - Rough Rider
Vane, Victoria - Saddle Up
Vane, Victoria - Sharp Shootin' Cowboy
Vane, Victoria - Slow Hand
Varenko, T.K. - Elfineness
Vaught, Vikki - Lady Overton's Perilous Journey
Venez, Sedona - Infinity
Vohn, Tabitha - Finding What Is
Vohn, Tabitha - Requiem for the Fallen
Vohn, Tabitha - Tomorrow is a Long Time
Voinov, Aleksandr - A Taste for Poison
Volney, Dana - Candlelight Conspiracy
Volney, Dana - The December Deal
Volney, Dana - Protecting His Heart
Volney, Dana - Protecting the Prince

~ W ~

Wadsworth, Joanne - Protector
Walken, Serena - Apocalypse Lovers
Walker, J.K. - Fallen Eyes
Walker, J.K. - Frat House Of The Dead
Walker, J.K. - Glacial Eyes
Walker, J.K. - Hollow Eyes
Walker, J.K. - In My Time Of Dying
Walker, J.K. - Sanguine Eyes
Walker, Julie Ann - Born Wild 
Walker, Julie Ann - Devil and the Deep
Walker, Julie Ann - Full Throttle
Walker, Julie Ann - Hell For Leather
Walker, Julie Ann - Hell on Wheels
Walker, Julie Ann - Hell or High Water
Walker, Julie Ann - In Rides Trouble
Walker, Julie Ann - Rev It Up
Walker, Julie Ann - Thrill Ride
Walker, Julie Ann - Too Hard to Handle
Walker-Smith, G.J. - Saving Wishes
Walsh, Joanne - Christmas in Venice 
Walsh, T.F - Cloaked 
Walsh, T.F - Cloaked in Blood
Walsh, T.F - Cloaked in Fur
Walsh, T.F - Cloaked in Secrecy
Ward, J.R. - Dark Lover
Ward, J.R. - Father Mine
Ward, J.R. - Lover Avenged
Ward, J.R. - Lover Awakened
Ward, J.R. - Lover Enshrined
Ward, J.R. - Lover Eternal
Ward, J.R. - Lover Revealed
Ward, J.R. - Lover Unbound
Wayne, Joanna - Hard Ride to Dry Gulch
Webb, Debra - Dark Whisper
Webb, M.J. - The Estian Alliance
Webb, M.J. - Keeper of the Stones
Webb, M.J. - Warriors of the Heynai
Weber, Tawny - Christmas with a Seal 
Weber, Tawny - A SEAL's Secret
Weber, Tawny - A Seal's Temptation
Weeks, Abby - The Arrangement #1
Weeks, Abby - The Arrangement #2
Weeks, Abby - The Arrangement #3
Weeks, Abby - The Arrangement #4
Weeks, Abby - The Arrangement #5
Weeks, Sophie - Unsettled Spirits
Wells, Anna - Relentless
Wenke, Joe - The Talk Show
West, E.E. - A Canter of the Heart
West, Maven - Bliss
West, Priscilla - Forbidden Surrender
Westall, Jennifer H. - Love's Providence
Whiddon, Karen - A Secret Colton Baby
Whiddon, Karen - The Temptation of Dr. Colton
White, Hope - Christmas Undercover
Wiggs, Susan - Candlelight Christmas
Wiggs, Susan - Dockside
Wiggs, Susan - Fireside
Wiggs, Susan - Lakeshore Christmas
Wiggs, Susan - Marrying Daisy Bellamy
Wiggs, Susan - Return to Willow Lake
Wiggs, Susan - Snowfall at Willow
Wiggs, Susan - Starlight on Willow Lake
Wiggs, Susan - Summer at Willow Lake
Wiggs, Susan - The Summer Hideaway
Wiggs, Susan - The Winter Lodge
Wiliams, A.J. - Bounty for Love
Wiliams, A.J. - Bounty for Hunter
Wiliams, A.J. - Bounty's End
Williams, Alethea - Walls For The Wind
Williams, May - Rivetting His Attention
Williams, Zoey - Addicted
Willoughby, Kate - Under the Spotlight
Willows, Kali - As Angels Weep
Willows, Kali - Claiming Trinity
Willows, Kali - A Cougar Among Wolves
Willows, Kali - Double Dragon's Blood 
Willows, Kali - Romancing the Author
Willows, Kali - Tantric Storm
Willows, Kali - Terminal Lust
Wilson, Dean F. - The Call of Agon 
Wilson, Dean F. - The Chains of War 
Wilson, Dean F. - The Children of Telm Omnibus 
Wilson, Dean F. - Hopebreaker
Wilson, Dean F. - Landquaker
Wilson, Dean F. - Lifemaker
Wilson, Dean F. - The Road to Rebirth
Wilson, Dean F. - Skyshaker
Wilson, Dean F. - Worldwaker
Wilson, Scarlett - Christmas with the Laird
Winters, Danica - Montana Mustang
Winters, Danica - Nymph's Labyrinth
Winters, Danica - Savannah Sacrifice
Winters, Danica - Winter Swans
Witt, L.A. - Starstruck
Witt, L.A. & Aleksandr Voinov - Hostile Ground
Witt, L.A. & Aleksandr Voinov - Lone Wolf
Witt, Lori A. - The Tide of War
Wittmack, Catherine - Eliza's Shadow
Wolfe, S.A. - Fearsome
Woods, J. - Gilded Faith
Woods, J. - Gilded Feathers
Woods, J. - Gilded Promise
Woods, J. - Infinitely Gilded
Woods, Sherryl - Sand Castle Bay
Woodward, Caroline - Showdown at Bordertown
Woolfe, Cynthia - Fiery Bride
Woolfe, Cynthia - Heiress Bride
Worth, Lenora - Driftwood Cowboy
Worth, Lenora - Truth and Consequences
Wray, Melissa - Destiny Road
Wylde, Cara - Sold to the Alpha
Wynter, Bb - The Lament of Sky

~ X ~

~ Y ~

Yates, Maisey - Avenge Me
Yates, Maisey - Bad News Cowboy
Yates, Maisey - Bound to the Warrior King
Yates, Maisey - Brokedown Cowboy
Yates, Maisey - A Christmas Vow of Seduction
Yates, Maisey - A Copper Ridge Christmas
Yates, Maisey - Finally His Bride
Yates, Maisey - Last Chance Rebel
Yates, Maisey - Married for Amari's Heir
Yates, Maisey - One Night Charmer
Yates, Maisey - Part Time Cowboy
Yates, Maisey - The Queen's New Years Secret
Yates, Maisey - Sheikh's Desert Duty
Yates, Maisey - Strip You Bare
Yates, Maisey - Take Me, Cowboy
Yates, Maisey - To Defy a Sheikh
Yates, Maisey - Tough Luck Hero
York, Rebecca - Private Affair
York, Sara - Colorado Wild
York, Sara - Vampiric Assignations
York, Zoe - Love In A Small Town
Young, Mark Victor - The Launch
Young, Mark Victor - Once Were Friends
Young, Savannah - The Wilde One
Young, Savannah - Wilde Riders
Young, Savannah - Wilde Times

~ Z ~

Zahradnik, Rich - Drop Dead Punk
Zahradnik, Rich - Last Words
Zaidi, Malia - A Poisonous Journey
Zalecki, T.L. - Rising Tide
Zanetti, Rebecca - Fated
Zanetti, Rebecca - Mercury Rising 
Zanetti, Rebecca - Shadow Falling
Zanetti, Rebecca - Wicked Burn
Zanetti, Rebecca - Wicked Edge
Zanetti, Rebecca - Wicked Ride
Zavora, Ava - Rosethorn
Ziade, Jad - Damascus
Ziegler, Victoria - Witchlet