Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Flame's Dawn by Jillian David

Title:  Flame's Dawn
Series:  Hell To Pay
Author:  Jillian David
Publication Date:  February 29/16 by Crimson Romance
Length:  90pgs
Genre:  paranormal romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

All’s fair in love and war when specialist Jane Larson and Captain Barnaby Blackstone give into their lust for each other while stationed in Vietnam. As the world disintegrates around them, their one night of passion ends with her evacuation back to stateside duty.

Years later, Jane is neck deep in an undercover DEA operation gone horribly wrong. Kidnapped and then committed to an asylum, she has no hope of escape from the clutches of a notorious cult leader. The only thing that sustains her through the pain is her memories of Barnaby—even as she knows she’ll never be with him again.

Little does she realize that Barnaby has spent several of his years as an immortal, Indebted killer yearning for the fierce and beautiful woman who had unlocked hope in his cold, hard soul. When his sixth sense leads him to her hospital room, he sets her free, but in the process attracts the attention of an otherworldly maniac intent on revenge. To save Jane from the dark forces surrounding her, Barnaby must reveal his deepest secret. Can she live with the man he’s destined to be, or will the truth leave her lost to him forever?

My Review:

This novella has a very intriguing premise that stands out amongst the sea of paranormal tales out there. David’s well developed concept of the Indebted not only had me intrigued throughout this story but also set the series up well. The novella itself was well written with a plot that had me on pins and needles throughout. Vivid descriptions combine with intense storytelling to create a whole that I didn’t simply read, but also experienced.

I enjoyed how well-developed David’s characters were, without ever going overboard on character development. I felt as if I really got to know them, while still wanting to know more. It was a true introduction to new friends. I also enjoyed getting to know these two. While I may not have always agreed with their choices, they did make for a fantastic story.

With this novella David has created a tale that not only sets the stage for her Hell to Pay series, but also is a fantastic read on its own.

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