Monday, August 18, 2014

Return of the Highland Laird by Amy Jarecki

Title:  Return of the Highland Laird
Series:  Highland Force #4
Author:  Amy Jarecki
Published:  Aug 13/14 by Rapture Books
Length:  130pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  historical romance
Shelf:  netgalley
Rating:  ★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

An untimely tempest transports two miserable and lost souls to England’s Abbey Wood where they stumble across each other’s paths. Lady Jane, a battered woman and accused murderess—Laird Alexander, fleeing his keep after blaming himself for the accidental death of his wife.

Both souls must heal their wounds. Both souls have reason to keep their identities hidden. This misshapen pair discovers each needs the other—though neither is willing to admit dependence.

Alexander must return to his kin and resume his laird’s mantle. Lady Jane must clear her name and find forgiveness. But before healing can begin, it is essential they learn to trust…and love.

My Review:

Jarecki definitely developed a storyline that caught my attention. She combines both the best and worst of humanity in a simple, yet vivid story set back in time. I not only appreciated the larger than life descriptions that she used to bring you into her world, but also the way that the characters comported themselves. A female lead willing to stand up for herself in such a manner is a bit of an anomaly for fictional literature set in this time period. As is a laird hiding from his role. The manner in which they come together to create a secret, hidden reality for themselves was quite captivating.

This is one of those novellas that you really wish was longer. It was a good story in and of itself, but it had the potential to be a great story were it further developed. By the time I was really getting into the story it was over. I also would have liked to get to know the characters themselves somewhat better. A closer look at who they were as individuals would have drawn me much further towards their plight.

Overall, this was a brilliant, quick read that combines the joys of historical romance with an intriguing highland laird. It was an intriguing, quick read, great for when you want something for a quick escape from the every day.

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