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Kerry Taylor Spotlight & Giveaway

One author, 3 amazing books! Get to know her:

Kerry Taylor was born in London, but is living in Madrid, Spain with her three children.
She has written several romantic comedies, short stories and her first erotica book.

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Quick facts for the 3 books:

Format: Paperback, Kindle, nook, apple, Kobo
Genres: Romance/Romantic Comedy/ Contemporary Fiction
Content: There is no explicit content in any of the books.

Love or Money by Kerry Taylor    

Heather and Kelly are two single best friends who live and do everything together. When someone points out that the only other women who have a similar lifestyle are either lesbians or sisters, they decide it is time to move on and get married. How will they choose? Vowing to find their husbands together as well, they embark on a journey, equal parts hunt and madcap dating adventure, to find their dream husbands. With opposite tastes and ideas, will they be able to find husbands together? Searching for a man with money or searching for a man to love—who will find their husband first? And more importantly, is there a happy ending?

My Rating:  ★★★

My Review:

The premise behind this novel is hilarious. I can just picture it. To better illustrate the effects of this pact Taylor switches perspectives between the characters but keeps each one clear. It makes the story even more entertaining because you know what everyone is thinking and how everything comes about.

There is a definite forward flow to the writing in this short novel. Some of the dialogue does become a bit forced and doesn’t flow like the spoken word. Overall, the story needs a little bit more editing to help with the overall flow, thus allowing the reader to fully immerse themselves in this otherwise entertaining story.

The characters in this novel were quite well developed. You really got to know the main characters, and the supporting characters were given enough development to hold their own in the story without overshadowing anyone else.

As a whole this is a very cute story. Taylor takes a topic that is very real to many women and gives it a very comical spin.

Also by Kerry Taylor:

Blind Dating by Kerry Taylor
A Romantic Comedy

When mid-forties, divorced, single-mother-of-three, Kimberly, realizes her own mother has more of a life than she does, she decides to do something about it.

Encouraged by success stories from people at work, she joins a dating chat room, ICQ, which starts to rock her world.

All of a sudden she’s a swinging single, online, with extreme dates, a little dirty talk, and a sense of her new, sexy self— until that fateful moment when her long-time chat-room buddy, LonelySingle, wants to meet. "Are you trying to find a man on Facelook?" her Mom questions, after years of being told it is Facebook!

What if he doesn’t like her? What if she doesn’t like him? These are the thoughts, inside her head. Until they meet and realise, that they have been friends offline aswell as online! What happens next? A light-hearted, romantic comedy about a single mom finding true love, which was right before her eyes.

STERILE by Isabella Jones (Kerry Taylor)
A Contemporary Woman Fiction

‘I am his wife, he no longer respects, touches or loves me.’

Lisa cries to herself at night. After 15 years of marriage, she cannot accept their fate: a life with no children. She wallows in paranoia as Mark works late and continues his career as a travelling salesman. Her accusations of him cheating on her result in their first major fight which leads to a trail of events that spiral out of Lisa's control.

Will Lisa manage to keep her tenuous grip on her marriage, her life and ultimately reality?

A novel about one woman’s struggle to carry on when her worst nightmare turns into reality.


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