Monday, October 6, 2014

The Donor Part 3 by Nikki Rae

Title:  The Donor part 3
Series:  The Donor #3
Author:  Nikki Rae
Published:  September 30/14
Length:  47pgs
Format:   ecopy
Genre:  paranormal
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Casey may have not known what was in store for her when she met Jonah Black on, but now that she’s with him, life has become even more unexpected. She's discovered someone else in the picture and now she cannot figure out how she fits into the puzzle.

Convinced that he doesn’t need her, Casey is torn between giving up and doing whatever it takes to help her family. But Jonah, it turns out, needs her more than she knows.

Time is something neither of them have.
Can they hold each other together as the clock runs out?

My Review:

This story may be short but it definitely packs a punch. Rae shredded me with this instalment in her Donor serial. I was completely immersed throughout, not so much as looking up from the book once. Rae’s immaculate writing shines through her tough and hard hitting storyline to draw you in and keep you hooked.

The main characters are quite well developed by this point in time. We really get to know a lot about their pasts and present. The future is also laid out before the audience, however bleak it may seem. Readers also get another peak at Casey’s parents. I find them to be just as aggravating as they were originally, but knowing them goes a long way to explain Casey’s approach to life.

As a whole, this was a phenomenal ending to this serial, but be warned, grab a box of tissues first.

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