Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fallen King by Eric Lorenzen

Title:  Fallen King
Author:  Eric Lorenzen
Series:  The Cirian War Saga #1
Published:  April 20th 2013 by Reader Hill
Page Count:  585
Genre:  Fantasy
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

In the land of Na Ciria, an ancient enemy has returned. As the clouds of the Dragon Shadow swallow more of the sky, those who stand against the invasion are few:

Grizzled and weary, Prince Wintron Dabe, longtime heir to the throne, inherits a kingdom on the same day that most of it falls under demonic invaders.

Young Afral must face his heritage and his uncertain abilities. He flees those who want to capture him, while trying to reach a people who may reject him.

Determined Mylana Farsight must lead other Watch Riders on a dangerous mission to warn the land’s long-hidden defenders. Dreadhounds pursue her, even as a traitor seeks to learn her secret.

FALLEN KING. This epic fantasy by Eric Lorenzen introduces you to three heroes as they fight against an evil invading their land.

My Review:

Magic, suspense, intrigue, who could ask for more? Lorenzen takes everything expected in a fantasy novel, gives it a good shake and gives us the beginning of a series that you never want to end.

This novel is based on an intricately and very solidly build storyline. It is immaculately and imaginatively written. Lorenzen’s phenomenal descriptions paint a picture of the surrounding area. You can see and feel everything that the characters experience. Though this is definitely not a quick read it is very well put together and extremely entertaining making it well worth the time to read. By the end you are left saying ‘Sequel? Yes please!’

I absolutely love it when an author can show both sides of a story, weaving them together into a cohesive and comprehensive whole. Lorenzen does so with a flare rarely seen in literature. The stories of various different characters weave together to create an extremely captivating whole. He regularly switches perspective from character to character to keep us apprised of everyone’s trials and goals. He does so in a manner that remains clear and captivating. Each section is also written in a tone that suits the age and personality of the character in question, while still maintaining a 3rd person narrative that never breaks the story’s flow.

Lorenzen has created some unique characters and creatures that bring this unique world to life. All of the major characters are developed in such a way that you get to know them as individuals. Even if they are an ‘evil’ character you find yourself relating to them in some way or another. It was very interesting to see the different ways that the characters dealt with the varying lots that they were handed in life, regardless of what side of the battle they found themselves. Above all, I appreciate the fact that the characters have unique, standout names that are still easy to say and remember, as opposed to the difficult to pronounce names usually found in fantasy novels. Not only has Lorenzen created some amazing characters, but he has also brought forth some fully developed and wonderfully unique cultures and civilizations that interact in various capacities throughout the novel.

As a whole, this novel was uniquely captivating in many, many ways. With this novel Lorenzen brings the fantasy genre forward by staying true to the genre, but writing in a flowing, easy to follow manner and with an intensity rarely seen in the genre. He steps away from the formula set forth by Tolkien and the like to bring fantasy novels into the present day.

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