Sunday, June 30, 2013

Entrusted by Sherry Rummler

Title:  Entrusted
Author:  Sherry Rummler
Published:  January 22nd 2013 by Tate Publishing & Enterprises
Page Count:  233
Genre:  Christian Fiction
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Anna Bertram was not prepared for this. Not after all she had been through. A mothers love, so deep; wasnt it her job to protect? Anna had poured her heart and soul into raising Justin. When he unexpectedly dropped out of her life, she was left devastated.

Was it fate?

A chance meeting with a young soldier on a beach in Maine, who had left a pocket-sized book in the sand, a photograph tucked neatly inside. The photograph portrayed two soldiers in Army fatigues, one being the soldier, the other her son Justin. With this clue, Anna is desperate to find the soldier who could possibly lead to her estranged son. Is it too late to reclaim the close relationship they once shared?

Mistakenly Anna believed she was responsible for her sons future. In her zealous search to reunite, she finds the unexpected, love and forgiveness. Journey with Anna, as she learns to let go and surrender to divine destiny And give thanks for the gift that she was entrusted.

My Review:

This is an amazingly well written story. Throughout, the author covers a large span of time with this novel, but nothing ever seems rushed or missing. This is a very detailed story that the reader floats through without confusion and with a sense of time flying, as it does when your only child grows up. It comes to a bittersweet conclusion that simultaneously makes you smile and brings you to tears.

Rummler draws you right in with the characters that she creates for this work. I appreciate that each character says true to their speech patterns throughout the novel. I enjoy that each character stays true to the regional dialect from their home town, thus giving each character a unique way of speaking. Also, through the solid belief systems of these wonderful characters the story becomes very religiously based. You get so involved in their lives that you can’t help but feel for these phenomenal characters.

Overall, this was a quick but enjoyable read. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this author and her characters.

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