Thursday, June 6, 2013

Uncorked by Rebecca Rohman

Title:  Uncorked
Author:  Rebecca Rohman
Published:   February 2013 by Rebecca Rohman
Page Count:  366
Genre:  Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Shelf:  Giveaway
Rating:  ★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Chella Noon’s life isn’t her own. Her success as a Marketing Executive in the cosmetic division of an international conglomerate is overshadowed by a series of tragic events from a decade ago. With no family, few trusted friends and years spent on the run, she opens herself up to the possibility of a future with a sexy new real estate investor despite escalating threats from a psychotic ex determined to torment her.

Mitch Mariani never met a deal he couldn’t close. So when Chella walks into his life, he will stop at nothing to prove he is worthy of her trust. But as Chella’s past catches up to them and danger exposes his well-guarded secrets, his heart may not be the only thing at risk of a tragic end.

My Review:

This was an interesting story that approaches a very difficult topic in a captivating way. I found myself wanting to know more and more about the lives of these interesting characters and the trials that they faced. I was scared for the characters, yet at the same time thrilled to see how much they accomplished, and how well they were able to overcome everything that came at them.

Some of the conversation and dialogue in this novel seems rather forced and unnatural. It is not written the way that real people speak. There were also some spelling, grammatical, and formatting errors that I found to be a little distracting. Also, although this was a really interesting story, I felt that it kept circling through the same events in dilemma, albeit in slightly different ways.

The characters in this novel were in some ways very well developed, and in others, not so much. Their personalities and character traits were very well developed. You got to know them very well and could identify with them. That said, their physical appearances were left almost completely up to the imagination of the reader. I found it rather distracting in a romance novel.

As a whole, this was an interesting novel that I did enjoy reading. It was a nice first out from the author.

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