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The Hero's Companion by Amy Lignor

Title:  The Hero's Companion
Series:  Tallent & Lowery #3
Author:  Amy Lignor
Published:  October 22nd 2013 by Suspense Publishing
Length:  278pgs
Format:  ebook
Genre:  romantic suspense
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★★


With their second battle behind them, Leah Tallent and Gareth Lowery find themselves still knee-deep in hell. What should’ve ended with a celebration of passion wrapped in each other’s arms becomes a nightmare once more, as a mysterious man demands Leah to return home, or else her beloved father will be found at the bottom of the sea.

Scrambling to figure out what’s happened Tallent & Lowery walk in on a family that has literally gone insane: A mother filled with accusations, three sisters who wish them nothing but certain death, and a frightening story of a blood-red eye that leads to a puzzle with immense repercussions. The woman named Anippe who readers questioned in The Sapphire Storm is back, with an item in her possession that will have Tallent & Lowery heading out on an adventure based on pure emotion and ultimate fear – where victory may just depend on their willingness to sacrifice each other.


The tour guide continued, “Medusa was supposedly just as lovely as Athena. Therefore, Athena made Medusa what she became - a hideous creature who could turn men to stone with just one look. Athena was the one who banished Medusa to the Land of the Grey Women. In that place lived three very shriveled and withered old crones. Some believe they were all Athena’s sisters and the Goddess had just gotten them out of the way. After all, she was firstborn - the powerful daughter of Zeus - and she was allowed to do most anything she wanted.”

“Can’t blame her. I’ve thought about putting my sisters on an island,” Leah mumbled, thinking about the gorgeous triplets back home.

“I’m glad I’m not a member of your clan,” Khait chuckled. “Anyway…a young man named Perseus went to kill Medusa but he had no idea how it could be done. He was aware of the fact that long before his sword could penetrate the scales on her flesh, she would be able to turn him to stone. That’s when Athena appeared and handed him her polished bronze shield. Perseus held it out in front of him and walked toward Medusa. You see, just the reflection off the shield could not turn him; only a direct hit from Medusa’s eyes would bring him down. With the help of Athena, Perseus killed the mighty Gorgon and cut off her head. Athena then placed the head within her shield, forever carrying it with her.

“But she helped more warriors than just Perseus along the way. There are many stories about Athena, and every hero she assisted spoke of her greatness, her wisdom, and her extreme cunning at being able to take down unstoppable foes.”

“I wish she was here,” Leah sighed. “There seems to be quite a number of those nowadays.”

Khait’s face grew serious; her tone turned sad. “I agree. The world needs the Hero’s Companion to live again. Unfortunately,” she continued, with a small laugh, “I think you have to find a real hero first. Most of them have gone the way of the Dodo bird.”

Leah remained silent, knowing that Gareth Lowery – a true hero – was right now standing on the steps of the Parthenon doing everything in his power to solve this new puzzle and find her beloved father before it was too late.

…The darkness inside the ancient structure was thick. Leah could barely make out the feminine figures etched in the marble walls. Heads were missing and the carved robes had been cut off at the knees. Yet Leah could see that the pattern remained the same; the familiar images of spear and shield were carved into the hands of each one of the young maidens.

Kneeling, she carefully inspected the floor and found…nothing. Getting more and more agitated, Leah began pressing her hands against the walls, silently hoping that a secret door would swing open to allow them access into another hidden level of the temple. Frustration and exhaustion overwhelmed her when absolutely nothing – no solution presented itself…the chamber was empty.

“Jesus!” Gareth’s sudden shout made her blood run cold. She forced her body through the columns to get back to his side. “What’s wrong?”

“You are not going to believe this!”

Following the bright beam of Gareth’s flashlight, Leah’s heart leapt into her throat. The high-pitched screech that suddenly erupted from the object made her body tremble. It was as if an evil trumpet had sounded, demanding the dead to rise from their graves and kill the intruders.

Her mouth turned as dry as the sun-bleached sands of the Acropolis, as Leah focused on the form that was caught in the flashlight’s glare. It barely moved. Only the dark eyes, growing wider as it tried to focus in the unfamiliar light, gave it away.

Leah sucked in her breath, “You have got to be kidding!”

My Review:

As usual, Lignor uses the known and that which is widely believed to bring together this phenomenal tale. Lignor weaves suspense through every word she puts on paper. As a reader you get so caught up in the storyline that the world around you fades away. You become part of this remarkable tale. I love how you get to travel the world alongside Lignor’s characters. You visit its historic sites and take in the surrounding religious beliefs and mythology. She brings different aspects of various religions, cultures, and mythologies together in this brilliant adventure. I found this novel to be much more profound than the previous Tallent & Lowery novels. It was also much more emotional. I felt my heart breaking for the characters at times. She even brought tears to my eyes once or twice. Of course, that`s not to say that the duo of Tallent & Lowery, as well as their comrades, didn`t make me laugh more than once. Lignor is really coming into her own with this series.

I love how intimately you get to know Lignor’s characters. Although many of them have been introduced in previous novels, they continue to grow as individuals. They also continue to be themselves. No one ever changes to become unrecognizable. I must say that I love the way that Leah’s brain works. It becomes even more apparent in this novel, & Gareth’s acceptance of it is surreal. The new characters in this novel are also quite well developed. Lignor ensures you know who they are and what their role is without overdeveloping them.

Overall, this was an amazingly captivating adventure that I couldn`t put down, and definitely can`t wait to see what comes next.

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About the Author:

The daughter of a career librarian, Amy Lignor’s first love has always been books. She began her career in publishing as the Editor-in-Chief of Grey House Publishing. Working in the industry for twenty years, she is now the Owner/Operator of ‘The Write Companion’, an editorial house offering authors a range of services.

Appointed the Editor-in-Chief of a brand new traditional publisher–Hallowed Ink Press–Amy somehow finds the time to do it all while still putting out the most amazing series that has received every ‘Top Pick’ readers can think of!

Her popular YA Series: The Angel Chronicles (Until Next Time, Gilded Wings & A Privilege), introduced her to fans who now wait with bated breath for the next ‘Tallent & Lowery’ suspense/thriller to arrive.

Inducted into the International Thriller Writers Organization, Amy is also a writer/contributor for various magazines, companies, and review organizations; Authorlink, The Feathered Quill, Suspense Magazine and more.

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