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Relentless by Anna Wells

Title:  Relentless
Series:  The Marsh Brothers #1
Author:  Anna Wells
Published:  March 25/14
Length:  282pgs
Format:   ecopy
Genre:  contemporary/erotic romantic suspense
Shelf:  review


The last thing Michaela Prentice expected was to end up in bed next to her friend Jordan Marsh after a wee bit too much champagne. The sex was incredible but she doesn’t want their one night to ruin their friendship.

The last thing Jordan Marsh wants is to remain friends with Michaela. They’d crossed the line from friends to lovers and that was where he was going to stay, after all he’d been relentlessly plotting her seduction for months.

Now Michaela has woken up to a slight hangover, a relationship with a guy she thought she knew, a mother planning a wedding, and a brother and a best friend who think it’s important to run a background check on your new man. What could be more normal?

Just as Michaela is beginnings to adjust to the status of their new relationship things start exploding; literally.

Warning: This book is funny, steamy and contains sex scenes with chocolate that some readers might find delicious.

My Review:

This was an intriguing story. Wells combines a variety of different premise into one solid storyline. It definitely stands out from the multiplicity of contemporary romances flooding the market at the moment. Wells’ writing is smooth and well put together, however, it took me a little bit to get into it. Her descriptions, on the other hand painted the scene before you like a well-oiled wheel. This author also made me laugh while I enjoyed the situations the characters found themselves in.

I found the characters in this story to be quite enjoyable. The female lead is the strong, funny individual that you wish you could be. Wells deals with the dual point of view quite well, allowing her readers insight into both sides of the story. However, their dialogue was a bit stilted at times. It wasn’t so much what was said, as how they said it. It didn’t always flow the way people actually talk. It was just enough to pop me out of the ‘zone’ when it happened.

Overall, this was a cute, spicy introduction to this author’s work. She definitely has a way of giving a twist to her stories. 

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About the author:

I’ m happily married with two children. I love to cook, hike, bike, and hang with my girlfriends.

I’m an avid romance reader and enjoy all types of romance novels including historical, contemporary, paranormal, and erotica.

Oh and did I mention I have my own consulting business?

I obviously had a couple of hours left in the day so I began writing romance. I wanted to bring readers hot, sexy romances that are brought to life with compelling characters. Who knew writing romance could be as fun as reading it!

I love to hear from my readers so please feel free to contact me at

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