Monday, September 1, 2014

The Maiden of Ireland by Susan Wiggs

Title:  The Maiden of Ireland
Author:  Susan Wiggs
Published:  August 26/14 by Mira Books
Length:  448pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  historical romance
Shelf:  netgalley

Synopsis from Goodreads:

#1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs sweeps readers away to the misty coast of Ireland in an irresistible tale of falling in love with the enemy...

John Wesley Hawkins was condemned to hang, accused of treason and heresy. As he's transported to the scaffold at Tyburn, however, the Lord Protector steps in and offers him the hand of mercy--if Wesley agrees to travel to Ireland on a dangerous mission into the heart of the Irish resistance against English rule. He'll have to seduce the rebels' secrets from a headstrong Irishwoman, but that shouldn't be a problem for a man of Wesley's reputation....

Caitlin MacBride is mistress of the beleaguered Irish castle Clonmuir, and she makes no secret of her loyalty to her countrymen. She's determined to remain strong for her people, but a wish for true love one evening at sunset yields the one thing that may sway her resolve. When Wesley walks out of the mist that fateful night, Caitlin's faith in the magic of Ireland is briefly restored--until she discovers he's one of the treacherous Englishmen she has spent her life fighting against.

My Review:

This novel is simply poetic. Wiggs has a way with words that will wow you. This novel was a heartfelt journey back in time that has a mythical, enchanting feel to it. The way that the author alludes to things rather than stating them outright makes it all the more magical. At the same time it is one of those stories where you can’t even begin to guess the ending. Each new twist and turn takes you further from the ending you would expect until you’re avidly swallowing each word on the page, racing towards the conclusion. Wiggs’ graphic descriptions make this story vividly real. She combines all of this together to create an exciting and enduring story.

Wiggs’s tale is backed up by some fantastic characters. Parts of this novel give you compassion for these characters as you couldn’t fathom living through what they did. Others make you envious because they experienced the things that dreams are made of.

This novel is a work of art. It is one of those novels that is perfect for any and all who enjoy historical romances.

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