Sunday, July 27, 2014

Prince of Luster by Candace Sams

Title:  Prince of Luster
Author:  Candace Sams
Published:  July 14/14 by Crimson Romance
Length:  250pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  Science Fiction/Romance
Shelf:  review

Synopsis from Goodreads:

As an undercover operative for the Constellation League, Marcos Starlaw’s current assignment is a dangerous mission. Posing as a low-end gem merchant, he must infiltrate the Delta Seven mining colony to discern whether pirates have overrun the planet as his superiors suspect. Still, he expects to return home soon, back into the arms of the many women who eagerly await his return.

Burned and scarred by torture, Nova Drayton has lived the past two years in a cave, waiting for someone to help her people. The governor of her home world is a lying, thieving traitor who has taken up with the Limaxian pirates that have overrun her society. They’ve killed many innocents, including her parents and fiancé. Realizing law enforcers may never come—that they’ve likely forgotten their promise to so much as patrol her beleaguered colony—Nova now hates everything having to do with the vaunted Constellation League and its pretentious officers.

When Marcos comes face to face with the pirates and a weapon of mass destruction, he makes a critical mistake, blowing his cover. If Nova doesn’t help Marcos escape the pirates … well, he’s already one heartbeat away from taking his last breath. How can he convince a girl who’s lived through hell that he’s the one she’s been waiting for?

With nothing left but their own ingenuity, the pair must find a way to ally or die at the hands of cutthroats.

My Review:

This was a wildly imaginative story and a wonderfully exciting adventure. This one of a kind story was suspenseful while at the same time being tender and thoughtful. It was a heady mix. Sams creates a world unlike any other that you cannot help but imagine. Her writing is so vivid that at times I felt like I was watching a movie rather than reading a story. I did, however, find the pace of the story itself to race ahead at times and lag behind at others.

The vivid manner in which you can picture the various individuals and species in this novel transports you right into the mix. The main character’s take-me-as-I-am playboy persona is priceless, as is the intelligent commander hiding behind the façade. The female lead is similarly one of a kind. She’s the type of individual that you cannot pin into a single category. The multifaceted presentation of her character really allows you to get to know her and feel for her. The supporting cast was just as intriguing. Not only does Sams introduce you to a variety of individual personalities, but you get to meet some intriguing species as well.

Overall, this was a unique trip into the realm of SciFi. I quite enjoyed it.

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