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Lessons in Love by Victoria Sinclair

Title:  Lessons in Love
Author:  Victoria Sinclair
Published:  December 6th 2013
Length:  170pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Emily Peterson finally has finally had the chance to enrol in university after working for years to support her younger brother and sister, who were left in her care after their mother died six years earlier. There she meets the infuriating but devastatingly attractive Nicholas Cavanaugh, lecturer and successful, but ruthless, businessman.

Unfortunately, they get off on the wrong foot from day one, and although there’s a definite attraction between them there are just too many obstacles between them. Or are there? Despite their professional relationship Emily and Nicholas find it hard to stay apart, even when everything in their lives seems destined to drive a wedge between them.

Can Nicholas and Emily overcome their differences and find true love, or will they miss out on their one chance for true love?

My Review:

Sinclair has a very straightforward writing style that puts everything out in front of her audience. Her natural descriptions allow you to visualize the scenes without being over the top or cartoonish. The storyline is also quite unique. While on the surface it follows the clichéd student-teacher model there is so much more to it than that.

I really appreciated seeing the main character continue on with life after having overcome tragedy and hardship. She’s a strong, stand-up individual without being over the top. Everything about her is so real and you really feel for her and want to see her succeed. Conversely, I found that the male lead ran hot and cold. He’d go from happy-go-lucky to yelling at the flip of a switch. I found it really hard to peg his character down. It made it difficult for me to get fully on board with the story. The supporting cast was simply that, support for the main characters. They were developed only in the ways that would fulfill their roles in the story with little more. I also found that the dialogue in this story was a bit forced at times, making it even harder to get in touch with the supporting cast.

Overall, this was a nice story. I enjoyed the storyline itself but had some difficulties with the characters.

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