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Hemphill Towers by Leona Pence

Title:  Hemphill Towers
Author:  Leona Pence
Published:  October 25th 2013 by MuseItUp Publishing
Length:  190pgs
Format:  ebook
Genre:  romantic suspense
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★


Riley Saunders has her dream job. As an art director at a leading advertising agency, she works every day with her two best friends, Stella and Birdie. All three have been assigned to ensure that the Grand Opening of the Peterson Art Museum is nothing short of a success.

When a girl’s night out at a hot new Italian restaurant ends with a spilled bottle of wine, it sets in motion a series of events that leaves Stella and Birdie caught up in whirlwind romances, and Riley fearing for her life at the hands of a deranged stalker. But, when the handsome museum curator, Trent Peterson, learns of her situation, he vows to keep her safe.

In a quick-paced tale of fine art, wine forgery, and the Russian Mafia, Riley and her friends soon discover their pursuit of love will require them to expose a crime, thwart a murder, and trust the one thing that has never failed them…their friendship.

My Review:

This novel is intense and nerve wracking from the 1st page. The writing style was easy to follow and the novel was well edited and presented. There is also so much going on in this tale that it becomes difficult at times to focus on the main story. There are a great deal of stories weaving together and I spent a great deal of time wondering where the prologue fit in. I kept expecting the girl in the prologue to show up somewhere. And holy irony on the ending. Pence presented a very quick but indisputable wrap-up to this story that leaves you thinking ‘Karma.’

The characters in this novel were quite intriguing. It was nice to see 3 best friends finding their match in such close proximity to one another and that the men were all friends as well. Again, rather ironic but it fit together the way that Pence presented it to her readers. The characters themselves were well developed in some aspects and rather superficial in others. Being that the cast of prominent characters was so large it was difficult to get to know anyone in depth in this page count.

Overall this was a quick and intriguing read that really makes you wonder about those around you.

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About the author:

Leona Pence started reading romance novels as a teen. She graduated from Nancy Drew stories to Harlequin Romance, and then to her favorite author, Barbara Cartland and her vast Regency romance collection. Happy endings were a must.

Leona began writing late in life after the death of her husband of forty-four years. They married on her 19th birthday after a three month courtship – and yes – love at first sight really did happen.

She enjoys reading, writing, online pool, and especially being a Mentor in F2K, a free online writing course.

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