Monday, October 14, 2013

Witch Emerging by Mona Hanna

Ti tle:  Witch Emerging
Author:  Mona Hanna
Series:  High Witch #2
Published:  August 13th 2013
Page Count:  150
Genre: YA Fantasy
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Sequel to High Witch.

After surviving being hunted by Julius, Brayden and Ariel settle into their married life. Ariel is determined to find the other High Witches to make sure they’re alright. But there’s something going on with her pregnancy, something unusual, and she needs to find out what.

In the meantime, Hallie, an eighteen-year-old witch, is being pursued by Nicholas, a strange young man who knows about her past. What does Nicholas want with Hallie, and how are they both connected to Ariel? And what about Sean, the man Hallie loves? Will they end up together, or will Nicholas’ plan hurt all of them? The two witches will need to work hard to save those they love, and each other.

My Review:

With the second instalment in her High Witch series Hanna takes the original storyline for a bit of a ride. She returns with the same brilliant storytelling that we’ve come to know her for, mixing reality with fantasy and magic to create a world unlike any you’ve read about yet still entirely believable. Hanna has also mastered the art of alluding to a scene or event without ever really talking about it. This allows her to cover a large amount of ground in her story, and do so quickly, without losing the readers interest and without them feeling lost or left behind.

With this novel, Hanna takes some of her original cast and continues to develop them. By this point, as a reader you’ve come to know them quite well. She also introduces new characters who are completely different from the rest, yet very approachable in their own rights. Honestly, my main pet peeve with this novel is also said main character’s selflessness and need to help others. It is taken to the extreme where she has absolutely no sense of self preservation. You’ve got to love her for it, but at the same time you wonder what she’s thinking. The cast of this novella, although small, is perfect for the story that Hanna presents. It also leads to some phenomenally captivating couples. Hanna creates such sweet couples in her writing. Even with all the issues that they have and that they encounter, they still live for one another. It’s a rarity, and makes your heart ache for them.

As a whole, this was a great second instalment in the High Witch series. Hanna doesn’t leave you with a cliffhanger, but she does leave you wanting more and with the knowledge that these characters will be back again in the future.

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