Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Valens Rise by Sherrel Lee

Title:  Valens Rise
Author:  Sherrel Lee
Series:  The Valens of Legacy #1
Published:  Feb 12/12
Page Count:  317
Genre:  Paranormal
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Enter a world where myth and legend come alive. Where the Phoenix rises, the Gryphon heals and the Manticore devours.

When Jemma Nix inherits a world renowned security business from a sister she can't remember, she doesn't want it. Little does she know she is about to enter a world where those around her are not who or what she believes them to be.

Jemma is unprepared for the changes to come. She can't accept that legends and the myths of childhood can be real. She can't accept people can change form. She can't accept she will become one of them and have to fight a new threat to mankind.

My Review:

Although on the surface this is just another in a long line of supernatural novels, it is extremely unique in its premise and very intellectually stimulating in its background. Lee catches you attention right from the first sentence with this unique novel that combines mythology with the supernatural into a super-myth. Lee works bits and pieces of background and historical information sporadically into the storyline so as not to slow down the plot of the story.

The characters in this novel have a very different outlook on life than most of us have, yet the way that they are presented makes it easy to identify with them. I found myself stuck in the main character’s head, following her thoughts and emotions. I learned about this intriguing world right alongside her. It’s a very intriguing way to learn about such a mythically charged world.

Overall, this novel was quite enjoyable but difficult to completely immerse myself in at the beginning. Throughout my journey with these characters I went from a spectator in this world to someone who walked alongside the characters. It was a great introduction into the series giving you the information and backdrop necessary for future instalments.

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