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Don't Let the Wind Catch You by Aaron Paul Lazar

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Title:  Don't Let the Wind Catch You
Author:  Aaron Paul Lazar
Series:  Gus LeGarde #6
Page Count:  270
Published:  Aug 5/13
Genre:  Children's Historical Fiction
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★

Book Blurb:

When young Gus LeGarde befriends a cranky old hermit in the woods who speaks to an Indian spirit, he wonders if the man is nuts. But when the ghostly Penni rattles tin cups, draws on dusty mirrors, and flips book pages, pestering him to find evidence to avenge her past, things change.

What Gus doesn’t understand is why his mother hates Tully, until his relentless investigation uncovers a hint of scandal about Tully and Gus’s grandfather, Marlowe Wright.

On horseback, Gus and his friends ride through woods overlooking Conesus Lake to Tully’s abandoned house, reportedly still infected with the Genesee Valley Fever from the 1700s. Unafraid, they enter and find shocking evidence that could rewrite history.

Can Gus convince his mother to forgive Tully? And will the proof he found free Penni’s spirit?

Gus summons courage beyond his years in this poignant and powerful telling of the summer of 1965.

~  Bridges the gap between YA and adult ala Harry Potter
~ “Suspenseful, satisfying, well-crafted, mood-capturing, for both adults and children.”
~  Will appeal to readers who crave adventure, who love horses, the sea, or the outdoors, and who may be curious/nostalgic about children’s lives in 1965.
~  Will appeal to teachers and parents who want to impart anti-bullying, anti-bigotry behavior; including compassion and acceptance in a thoughtful, sensitive manner.
~  Will appeal to mystery buffs who loved the award-winning Tremolo: cry of the loon featuring Gus LeGarde in a prequel to the series in 1964.
~  Showcases goodness, morality, understanding, acceptance, courage, persistence, and love.
~  Readers can forget today’s furious Internet-driven scene and maybe evoke a few of their own comforting childhood memories and adventures.

I folded my napkin and looked first at my father, then my mother. "Mum? Dad? I have a question."

They both stopped in the middle of their pudding and looked at me with expectant smiles.

"Do you know who lives in the woods in that cabin behind the Ambuscade? He's an old hermit, lives by himself, I think."

My father took a zealous interest in his pudding.

My mother went white. She collected herself, exchanged a worried glance with my father, and lied to me for the first time in my life. "No, darling. We don't know who lives there. But that's private property. You shouldn't trespass in those woods."

My Review:

Lazar has a very flowing and approachable writing style. He pulls the reader right in without them ever noticing. His well-developed and laid out storyline take you on a delightful journey along. There is also lots of action in this story that keeps you moving forward, but it is all done so naturally that nothing seems amiss. Lazar also works some very detailed descriptions right into the action of the story to draw you further and further into this brilliant world.

The author has this novel well placed within its time period. People, places, things, and events are all built around some truth. This author, however, really knows how to take the history of a place or situation and give it a twist to make it his own without losing the essential parts of said history. Reality and fiction combine seamlessly in this amazing tale.

The characters that Lazar brings forth for this story are not only intriguing, but uniquely suited to the story in which they find themselves. You get to know the main characters quite well, like they you’re your school mates. These characters become part of you and they take you on a wild ride right along with them.

This is definitely a fun for all ages story that keeps you guessing, keeps you captivated, and above all, makes you think. I definitely wouldn`t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
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About the Author:

Aaron Paul Lazar writes to soothe his soul. The author of three award-winning mystery series and more, Lazar enjoys the Genesee Valley countryside in upstate New York, where his characters embrace life, play with their dogs and grandkids, grow sumptuous gardens, and chase bad guys. Visit his website at and watch for his upcoming release from Twilight Times Books, SANCTUARY (2013).

His Book Awards:

Double Forté - 2012 ForeWord BOTYA, FINALIST, Mystery.

Tremolo: cry of the loon – 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Awards: Grand Prize Short List; Honorable Mention in 2013 Eric Hoffer Legacy Fiction; 2011 Global eBook Award Finalist in Historical Fiction Contemporary; 2011 Preditors & Editors Readers Choice Award – 2nd place, Mystery; 2008 Yolanda Renée's Top Ten Books; MYSHELF Top Ten Reads 2008

For the Birds – 2011 ForeWord Book Awards, FINALIST in Mystery; Carolyn Howard-Johnson's Top 10 Reads for 2012

Essentially Yours – 2013 EPIC Book Awards, FINALIST in Suspense; 2013 Eric Hoffer Da Vinci Eye Award Finalist

Healey’s Cave – 2012 EPIC Book Awards WINNER Best Paranormal; 2011 Eric Hoffer Book Award, WINNER Best Book in Commercial Fiction; Finalist for Allbooks Review Editor's Choice 2011; Winner of Carolyn Howard Johnson's 9th Annual Noble (not Noble!) Prize for Literature 2011; Finalists for Global EBook Awards 2011

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·         Facebook Name:  AaronPaulLazar
·          Twitter Name   :  @aplazar
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