Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Waking Dreams by Ashley Stoyanoff

Title:  Waking Dreams
Author:  Ashley Stoyanoff
Series:  The Soul's Mark, Novella
Published:  April 14th 2013 by Ashley Stoyanoff Books
Page Count:  94
Genre:  Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Shelf:  Books I Bought

Synopsis from Goodreads:

In The Soul’s Mark, Eric Carter felt a burning spark when he first laid eyes on Amelia Caldwell. There was just something about her—something familiar—that pulled him to her. The problem was acting on the spark was suicide. Amelia was marked for his father.

Eric had been around for a long time, and before Amelia, life happened. One day he was a simple rancher and then the next, he was thrust into a world that he had never known existed, and dreaming of a girl that he knew he couldn’t live without.

In this novella, Eric Carter’s history is revealed.

My Review:

Stoyanoff picks up this little novella with the same ease and flare that she writes The Soul’s Mark series. Her descriptions are fluid and vivid creating an unforgettable picture in your mind’s eye. One cannot help but be drawn in to this remarkable world, enjoying each and every minute of it. As enjoyable and light as this story was, it is also one of the most in depth novellas that I’ve ever read. By taking her characters directly from the series, Stoyanoff allows herself greater leeway for story development. She also does so with tact and class. She doesn’t ignore character development, but rather assumes that the reader knows the basics about each individual from the series as a whole, thus allowing her to tell her story.

The characters are consistently the same individuals that we’ve come to love through Stoyanoff’s work. Their emotions, actions, and reactions are true to form. As a reader, you also see how they have evolved into the characters that we see in the modern day and where they were a century ago. I also really appreciated the sneak peek into the creation and development of Willowberg into the town that Mitchell runs today.

Although this novella would be a quick, entertaining read as a standalone story, it works best as part of The Soul’s Mark series. It complements the storyline and to a large extent, explains events that preceded yet directly affect the characters and their actions in the series.

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