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The Healers by Stephen G. Lonefeather

Title:  The Healers:  Those That Were Hidden
Author:  Stephen G. Lonefeather
Series:  The Lonefeather Series #2
Published:  April 22nd 2010 by
Page Count:  298
Genre:  Contemporary/Paranormal Romance
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The second book in Stephen G. Lonefeather's saga that began with SPIRIT DANCE. Gordon receives a vision that sends him in search of his biological family. After many twists and turns, what he finds is much more than he expected.

My Review:

This is one of those novels that is very culturally accurate while still maintaining a very captivating and intriguing storyline that keeps the readers’ attention throughout. Lonefeather manages to brilliantly transition oral tradition to paper without losing any impact whatsoever. He does so with tact and through this creates scenes and images beyond compare.

This story makes you laugh and brings tears to your eyes. Lonefeather writes about a world that is so real that you can’t help but immerse yourself in it. His smooth, mellow writing style shines through, pulling everything together into a brilliant package that you can’t put down. The tone of the novel combined with Lonefeather’s unique style combine in such a way that as a reader you can’t help but feel each and every emotion vividly. You also picture each and every scene in true color, not in some vague way. As an author, Lonefeather also realizes that at times a single word or sentence can describe something as effectively as, or even more effectively than, a lengthy description.

The family atmosphere in this novel is refreshingly real. This meshes perfectly with his very lifelike and extremely well developed cast of characters. Although some of these characters spend time on a journey that many of us will likely never encounter, their personalities, lives, and troubles are so real that you cannot help but relate to and feel for them. Lonefeather takes real life circumstances and uses his brilliant cast of characters to spin a tale beyond compare.

This novel is a sequel that follows nicely from its precursor, but yet can be very easily read as a standalone novel. As a whole, this is a novel that has far surpassed my usual 5 star scale. The sheer realism of this story brought me in, but the brilliantly unique storyline kept me captivated throughout.

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