Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Fox's Quest by Anna Frost

Title:  The Fox's Quest
Series: Kitsune Trilogy #2
Author:  Anna Frost
Published:  March 1st 2013 by Musa Publishing
Length:  250pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  YA GLTB Fantasy
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Trying to save his clan's shapeshifting powers might just lead Akakiba to lose his own.

The Fox clan is on the verge of extinction, their magic all but gone, but all hope is not lost. Akakiba and Yuki have found a mysterious object that seems to be draining magic from the world. If they can destroy this object, it might return strength to the clan.

The problem is, they don't know who created this object or what those mysterious individuals might do to get it back.

My Review:

This intriguing author combines myth with reality, heartache with conviction, and battle with adventure to create a uniquely captivating novel. The emotions that shine through the pages of this novel are so genuine that you can’t help but feel them yourself. I love the mythology behind this tale. It is such a unique way to look at things. The symbolism in this novel is also quite intriguing. The manifestation of human desires & hate in the physical & natural world serve to highlight the underlying message of the story.

Frost has created characters as real as the world around them. It is so easy to visualize and connect with them. You can find a spark of worth even in the most despicable of her characters. There are also character flaws in the most honourable. This realism in all of her characters makes them that much easier to identify with. I especially enjoyed the demon with a conscience. He may have been a secondary character, but he was definitely a unique change of pace.

As a whole this was an emotionally provocative and culturally provocative novel that kept my attention throughout. I couldn’t stop thinking about this novel. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys works of fiction based in cultural mythology but would suggest reading the series in order. I also cannot wait to read the final instalment in this brilliant trilogy.

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