Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Gatekeeper's Secret by Eva Pohler

Title:  The Gatekeeper's Secret
Series:  The Gatekeeper's Saga #5
Author:  Eva Pohler
Published:  Apr 1/14 by Green Press/Eva Pohler
Length:  282pgs
Format:  ARC ecopy
Genre:  YA paranormal
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

When Zeus invites Therese and Thanatos to a party on Mount Olympus in their honor, they and the other gods who have formed the Athena Alliance are immediately suspicious of a trap. They fear Zeus has learned of their desire to free Metis and Cybele and to stand up for all the women he has wronged. Although Therese recruits Dione, Amphitrite, and others to the Alliance, Pete has unwittingly sabotaged their plans by revealing to Zeus the prophecy from the ghost of Mr. Holt. And now, the day that might have been the most wonderful day of Therese’s life (her wedding day) will be wrought with conflict where someone close to her is fated to die. Can Therese and the other gods in the Alliance bind the almighty Zeus and restore justice and true democracy among the Olympians? Or will Zeus succeed in swallowing Therese and separating her from Thanatos for all eternity?

My Review:

Pohler’s done it again & these books just keep getting better and better. She works her magic with the same smooth, approachable writing style that we’ve come to know and love to create a work of creative brilliance. There is an air of mystery and suspense that winds its way through this tale. Pohler combines intense emotional scenes with action packed sequences to always keep you on your toes. This novel is also emotionally intense as the characters are faces with some very difficult and life altering choices.

I absolutely love how you get to know the gods in their down time in this one. It gives you extra insight into them as people. They’re real & fun, rather than simply untouchable deities. The way that the characters’ emotions really play out through their actions factor into this as well, allowing you to relate to them and understand them on a deeper level. I was completely wrapped up in this tale and the characters that filled it. The reader also becomes much better acquainted to some of the gods who’d played minor roles in other novels. I also appreciate how when Pohler introduces new gods into the series or brings minor characters back she ensures that she includes what they’re the god of rather than assuming that everyone knows. She reveals a great deal about the characters with a few simple words.

Although this is a brilliant read in and of itself I’d definitely suggest reading the previous novels in the series to get the full impact of this one. It’s a brilliant addition to the series adding some creative twists to the plot. Pohler’s saga keeps getting more and more action packed the further into the series you get. I couldn’t put this one down for a second.

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  1. Thanks, Jonel! It's a nicely written review!

  2. Awesome Review!! I love this series and this book was amazing :-)