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Water Over Blood by Dale Ibitz ~*~ Giveaway

 Title:  Water Over Blood
Series:  Last Moon Rising #3
Author:  Dale Ibitz
Published:  October 20th 2013
Length:  290pgs
Format:  ebook
Genre:  YA fantasy
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Darkness. Pain. Loss.

This is what seventeen-year-old Haley feels when waking up in a damp, gloomy cave. She doesn’t know who or where she is, nor does she remember that she is Eyid-emos, a descendant of the God of Air. All she knows is the dark angel, Dane, who comes to her rescue, making her feel safe and protected. It’s from Dane, descendant of the God of Fire, that she learns she’s looking for the lost stones of power to end the war between the nature gods.

But the safe feeling doesn’t last long. Dark memories of a gorgeous blond guy name Tuggin begin to haunt her, and Haley realizes on some levels she’s fighting against remembering. There’s something both endearing and frightening about the hall-god with the cold, blue eyes, this stranger who she remembers as being both kind and brutal, who’s one of the hated witches on Eyidora, and who holds deadly secrets.

When Haley and Dane meet with Tuggin and his companions, everything changes as they hunt for the Water Eyid stone. They need to work as a team to end the war, but suspicion and rivalries run rampant in the group. Will Haley be betrayed by the one person she trusts the most?

My Review:

If I were to describe this book in 1 word it would be ‘gripping.’ This exciting and mysterious story grabbed hold of me from the first page and didn’t let go. It still hasn’t let go, but rather is one of those works that stay with you for the long haul. Ibitz takes her intrinsically captivating and strongly developed storyline and backs it up with vivid descriptions. Her words act as a slideshow of images, allowing the reader to see each and every aspect of this land. She also has a wide array of mythical creatures that are well developed to the extent that you can visualise each. They add to the realism of this very vivid world. I’d definitely love to visit it.

By writing in the first person Ibitz really draws you into the story and makes it easy to identify with the main character. You feel like you’re part of her story, helping her figure out what she’s living through. Although we’ve gotten to know many of these characters in the first two novels in the series they continue to grow and morph through this story. You also get to see many of them in a very different light. Everyone’s true colours begin to shine through the pages of this brilliant tale.

Overall, I’m thoroughly in love with the brilliantly developed world that Ibitz presents to her audience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone and I can’t wait to see what happens next. A word of warning, however. I’d definitely suggest reading the series in order to have all of the background information.

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