Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Atonement by B.J. Daniels

Title:  Atonement
Series:  Beartooth, Montana #4
Author:  B.J. Daniels
Published:  February 25th 2014 by Harlequin HQN
Length:  384pgs
Format:  paperback & ebook
Genre:  romantic suspense
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Just how far are people willing to go to keep their secrets?

Protecting the citizens of Beartooth, Montana, is never an easy job. One year later, Sheriff Dillon Lawson still feels guilty that he couldn't save his twin brother, Ethan. But the biggest test of his bravery comes when Tessa Winters arrives, claiming to be pregnant…with Ethan's baby. At first, Dillon can't decide if this beautiful woman is a con artist or a victim. If Ethan didn't die in that car crash, then where is he—and why is he hiding?

Now, Dillon is prepared to do anything to uncover the truth…anything except admit his growing feelings for Tessa. But with violence threatening, Tessa and Dillon must trust in each other to save not only themselves…but also Tessa's unborn child.

My Review:

This novel was intensely captivating from the first page. Daniels masterfully weaves two intensely suspenseful stories together into one unforgettable tale. She also balances romance with suspense, never letting one aspect of the story overpower the rest. This author paints this world for her audience with her words, creating a visual reading experience. Her writing also changes from light and heartfelt to fast paced and intense along with the action in the story, giving her readers a really gripping look into the story itself. I really appreciated the way that Daniels brought in parts of previous stories, allowing readers to join the series at this point without boring those who’ve read the entire series.

As a reader you fall in love with these characters as they fall in love with each other. The relationship between the characters isn`t so much in the words said between them but rather in their actions. And this goes for both couples in the tale. I quite enjoyed the way that these characters were developed as well. Daniels takes characters that we`ve met in previous novels and expands on them. That said, everything necessary to get to know the characters can be found within this instalment of the series. She also plays on the old adage that actions speak louder than words. She allows her characters` actions to show who they truly are.

As a whole this was a brilliant read, walking the fine line between relaxation and suspense that leads to a tale you won’t be able to put down, nor will you forget. It’s a brilliant read for anyone who enjoys Daniels’ work, or for those who’d like an introduction to her writing.

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