Monday, December 2, 2013

Madame's Double Life by Keegan Lace

Title:  Madame's Double Life
Author:  Keegan Lace
Published:  Aug 31/13
Page Count:  119
Genre:  Historical Romance
Shelf:  Review
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Lady Victoria was born into high society and high standards in the the English country side. The dictates of Victorian society do not provide a good fit for a 17 year old free spirit. Lady Victoria is as wild as the lavender growing on the white cliffs of Dover. She is a dreamer when her life is thrown into turmoil with the arranged marriage to the much older Lord Hawthorne.

He is the Duke of Wellington, a womanizer looking for his next conquest. Lady Victoria is just the type of woman the Duke can love and leave.

Will Lady Victoria give in to the dashing Duke of Wellington and risk causing a scandal to her husband’s name? Or will the Duke of Wellington discover love for the first time.

My Review:

Lace’s descriptions are eloquent and period perfect. They not only set the scene but also the mood of the story. While reading I was caught up in the turmoil of what could have been had I been born in another era. Lace creates a world of scandal where the heart shines through. You cannot help but feel for the characters who are caught up in this difficult world.

I quite enjoyed the contrast in different character types found within this novel. No two individuals were the same yet they all fit perfectly within the time period. I could not help but feel for the main characters and their plight. Each even in the novel came about In a full circle affecting more that you could ever imagine.

Overall, this was an interesting look into historical fiction. It was a definite twist on the genre.

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