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The Hunt is On by Natalie Herzer

Title: The Hunt is On
Author: Natalie Herzer
Series:  The Patroness #2
Published:  December 6th 2012
Page Count:  204
Genre:  Paranormal (with some romance)
Shelf:  Books I bought
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Maiwenn Cadic has her hands full.

The Turn is a few weeks ahead and the world seems to be literally coming apart at the seams - natural disasters and weird phenomena keep everyone on edge. An unusually high number of missing persons is thought to be just another side effect but is making Maiwenn nervous.

When all fingers point to the Queen of the Undead, Maiwenn is once again forced to join forces with Kylian, new leader of the Paris shapeshifter pack.

Sharp-tongued and sharp-fanged conflicts follow...

Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

My Review:

Herzer’s writing draws you in in such a way that you don’t realize it until the book is over and you don’t want to let go. You feel a connection to the characters and their plights that beyond compare to other literature. As an author, Herzer has the ability to make her story very suspenseful and intense without lots of blood, guts and/or explosions. Her story and characters do this for her. She melds brilliant scenery with intensely captivating characters and a breathtaking storyline to keep you completely hooked.

I love Herzer’s take on the end of the Mayan calendar. It’s definitely not something I’ve ever seen before and it gives a brilliant basis for her novel. The mythology behind this story is flawlessly developed. It is unique to this series but never waivers. It also works in some very interesting portions of history and various religious and cultural mythologies for a solidly built yet intensely exciting experience.

I love that the characters have fun and are fun individuals, regardless of their current circumstances. This breath of fresh air in these individuals makes them seem all the more real. They are able to live their lives and continue struggling through what they must face and they do so together. I also really appreciate the versatility of the characters. No one is type cast, and forced to remain in that role. I also love all the weres in the story. They aren’t just your typical wolves, nor all they all of the same ‘breed’. There’s some of everything, but they do form a pack. It’s absolutely amazing to see how Herzer works them all together.

As a whole, this was one of those novels that, although leaving you with a sense of an ending for the time being you want much more and also don’t want to let the characters go in the interim. I’m definitely in love with this story and the characters and cannot wait to continue on their journey with them.

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  1. Thanks, Jonel!
    I'm glad you liked book #2 and I'll try my best to finish the next one as soon as possible. ;)