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Chasing Darkness by Colee Firman

Title:  Chasing Darkness
Author:  Colee Firman
Series:  Unbinding Fate #3
Published:  May 31st 2013
Page Count:  407
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Months after Tanner’s unexplained betrayal, Addy is finally able to put what was between them in the past and move on. Really she has no choice—he sent her back to Greystone alone and stayed in Tremain. He even deactivated the gate they worked so hard to repair to keep her away—if that doesn’t say extreme break up nothing does.

When a strange condition begins killing its way through Greystone, Addy is forced to leave the Palace where she’d been holed up to try to help find the cause. No one seems to have any answers and everyone is afraid they’ll be next to burn from the inside out.

The illness makes the rift between Ravensbog and Greystone widen when the Akori from the bog decide being around the people of Greystone could be hazardous. Addy is forced to pull her people together while struggling to find a way to stop the deaths.

Even after breaking his heart, Gage is still by her side no matter what. Friendship like that can’t be ignored. A night alone together changes everything and Addy’s left wondering if maybe she made the wrong choice. By the time she figures it out, his heart may already belong to someone new.

At the same time people are dying in Greystone, Ravensbog suffers its own loss. One of the club leaders is killed during a match at the Brutal Ball, sparking the beginning of a fight to the death tournament to select a new head for the fight club. The Tournament of Lost Souls begins and threatens to kill some of the people Addy loves the most.

Check out the first chapter of Twisted Memories (Unbinding Fate, #4) - Located in the back of Chasing Darkness (Unbinding Fate, #3).

My Review:

I laughed, I cried, I gasped, and I groaned. Most of all, I felt. With this novel Firman brings emotions to the forefront and does a brilliant job of passing them on to the reader. Through her unique brand of vivid writing and show-not-tell mentality Firman takes the readers that she has immersed in this world with the first 2 novels of the series, and draws them in in an irrevocable way.

The brilliant world that Firman has developed for this series continues to grow in this segment. Everything remains the same yet changes drastically. Firman’s fluid writing and impeccable storytelling smooth the transition making it all seem natural. She describes everything in such detail that you feel like you’ve walked through this world with the characters.

Firman has a fluid writing style that almost mimics how people think and feel. This, combined with her amazingly well developed characters leads to an intricate cast of individuals that you come to know and love. Firman works amazingly deceptive characters into her world to create chaos and mayhem, while balancing them with characters of amazing compassion. All the while, none of her characters are completely over the top, even if they are larger than life at times. Each and every character is individually developed in such a manner that they could stand on their own, yet they never overshadow the main characters.

The events that began in the first 2 novels of the series come to a head in this instalment, only to create the need for more time in this world. As a reader, you find yourself so invested in the lives of the characters that you cannot, nay will not, extricate yourself from them. At the end of this novel you are left with a sense of conclusion to one dilemma, yet fully needing more as you cannot leave the characters behind, especially with their latest fiasco at hand.

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