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The Kiss Instructor by V. Anton

Title:  The Kiss Instructor
Author:  V. Anton
Published:   November 19th 2012
Page Count:  202
Genre:  Young Adult Contemporary Romance
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:    ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

For Alana Summer, ballet dancer and magnet for awkward moments, life is far from simple. She struggles with an alcoholic father and an abused mother. She vents her frustration through dancing
and spending time with her two best friends: Chris and the hot looking Adin.

She has been secretly in love with Adin for as long as she can remember and is pretty sure he feels something for her. So she concocts a plan to make him confess his feelings for her. But when one of her biggest fears come true, she is forced to leave the ones that keep her sane. Choosing between her family and her heart, she has to make tough decisions, even when the one she loves the most, loves her back.

My Review:

This is one of those novellas that catch you right from the get go and don’t let go. You also forget that you are reading a novella rather than an actual novel. It is so well and fully developed that it really tells a whole story. This story didn’t just bring tears to my eyes, it made me cry.

With this novel Anton brings verbal abuse to the forefront in a shockingly vivid way. She takes a hard hitting subject and turns it into a brilliant tale of surviving, overcoming, and loving. She also doesn’t mince words and really puts it out there. She also shows the topic in vivid realism and clarity. Characters involved react in realistic ways. But above all, she shows how difficult it can be to overcome the situation in a story that keeps you captivated.

The characters in this novella were extremely well developed. I couldn’t believe how real each and every one of them became. I also appreciated how Anton develops each to fit their role in the story as well as their backgrounds, both sociologically and culturally. I love how the author switches perspectives from character to character, giving the reader everyone’s point of view. It really adds to the impact of the story.

This was a phenomenal novella that I couldn’t put down. I was so wrapped up in the lives of the characters that I didn’t want it to end, but yet was thrilled with the ending. It was the perfect story.

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