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The Estian Alliance by M.J. Webb

Title:  The Estian Alliance
Author:  M.J. Webb
Series: Jake West #3
Published:   August 5th 2012 by M J Webb
Page Count: 284
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Jake West's battle against the forces of evil continues as he leads the remnants of the Estian Alliance to Te'oull. Hot on their heels is an army of murderous beasts intent on sealing their doom. The war of wars is here. The future of us all depends upon the actions of an ordinary fifteen year old boy. If he fails to restore the weapon bestowed upon the Estians by the Heynai and fulfil his destiny, all will be lost. This is the last book in the best selling Jake West trilogy, following on from 'The Keeper of the Stones' and 'Warriors of the Heynai'.

My Review:

This story is exceptionally well written. It is fast paced and very easy to follow. The smooth flow of the story aids this greatly. Webb’s mastery of the English language allows for descriptions and narrative that aid the storyline and keep up with the action. I also appreciate that the author uses a writing style and vocabulary suitable for the storyline while writing with a flair for the dramatic and imagination that will captivate and be suitable for all audiences.

The story picks up right where the last one left off, with just enough background that you’re not lost trying to remember who’s who, but without long, tedious summaries of the previous two stories. The characters and writing style are also consistent with the first two installments, making it very easy to jump back in to the action.

In this novel, all of the different mini-storylines come together masterfully to create an awesome conclusion. It keeps you on the end of your seat right until the very last page. It is the perfect ending to this story. I also like how the author records the passage of time in each chapter title. It makes it so that the story doesn’t appear to all happen in one day without having to say ‘and then they went to sleep’ or ‘and then they woke up’ which would break up the flow of the story.

The characters in this novel are phenomenal. After the 3rd novel in the series, the characters are all the same people that they were in the first story. Sure, they are better developed, and some have grown into stronger, more mature individuals, but no one has miraculously become someone new. You get to know these characters so well over the course of the trilogy that you can’t help but have a favorite and root for the good guys. I absolutely love the random exclamation noises that the characters make. They are so unique, not your random run of the mill ‘groan’.

As a whole, this is a fantastically fun and suspenseful installment in the series. It is the culmination in a series that most definitely will stand the test of time. And the best part... The trilogy may be complete, but I have a sneaky feeling we may see Jake and Ben again.

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