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I Kissed a Dog by Carol Van Atta

Title: I Kissed a Dog
Author: Carol Van Atta
Series:  Werewolves of the West #1
Published:  October 20th 2012 by Charles River Press
Page Count:  446
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Chloe Carpenter isn't like other women. She can communicate with animals. A gift she unwrapped following one of her frequent dances with death. In her otherwise wacky life, she's finally found a semblance of sanity working at the Plum Beach Wildlife Park, where her unique talents can make life or death differences for the animals in her care. That semblance is shattered when a new veterinarian roars into the park in his spiffed up sports car and sets his golden gaze on her. If she had her way, he'd roar right back out. Problem: He's her new coworker and he's saved her life twice - in the past twenty-four hours. Zane Marshall, Enforcer for the Pacific Pack of purebred werewolves, has a job to do - figure out who or what is mutilating the young men of Plum Beach. With orders to find the woman who talks to animals, he accepts a position working alongside the fiery Chloe Carpenter, a female who ignites his interest far more than he ever expected. Remarkably, she's the one elusive female with potential to bring meaning and passion to his empty existence. Problem: She despises him. Together, they're forced to unravel a mystery of supernatural proportions, a murderous mystery with eternal implications for everyone. In the process, they discover opposites really do attract. Major Problem: Zane is pledged to another woman, and she'll do anything to keep him from Chloe.

Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

My Review:

Ok. I must say that I love this book’s title. It is the most descriptive title imaginable. It is also straight, to the point, and very catching. I would have read this book just based on that. Of course, the book itself was awesome too.

This book is so easy to read. There is a natural flow to the writing. Nothing is forced or dumbed down. It flows naturally, the way that one would speak. It is also very detailed. Every little piece of information is there without every breaking the flow of the story. As a reader, you never have to stop and think about what’s going on. Van Atta works every little tidbit of back-story, description, and narrative into the storyline without stopping the action. I especially enjoyed the lesson on the history of paranormal species. Since it was one character giving it to another there was no dead point in the narrative.

The characters in this are brilliant. They were all unique and fit completely within the species that they were to portray. The main character referring to men as a different species cracked me up more than once. It was little descriptions like this fit throughout the novel that helped develop the characters and their personality more than any long description could have.

The groupings of characters in the various alliances was quite unique. Van Atta avoided the stereotype of grouping like species together. Alliances were based on the beliefs held by individual characters, and were also muddy at times. She also separated individuals into separate species when they are stereotypically grouped together into one species. New paranormal species were also presented in this novel to round out the characters. This was done brilliantly and in the same manner as the rest of Van Atta’s storytelling, little bits were provided here and there. The love triangle present in this novel also spans species. It adds a great deal of spice to the novel while also providing details as to the powers possessed by each individual.

As a whole, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I read it in one sitting, always wanting to know more. I cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel. If this novel is any indication, it will be absolutely brilliant.

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