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A Dragon`s Dream of Love by Jodie B. Cooper

Title:  A Dragon`s Dream of Love
Author:  Jodie B. Cooper
Series:  Song of the Sidhi #2
Published:  May 11th 2011 by Jodie B. Cooper
Page Count:  92
Genre:  Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Leah doesn't believe she'll ever find true love, not with a dhark valley lord as a father and a death omen hovering over her head.

Her dream of love is put on a back burner when her father ships her to summer camp with hundreds of other immortal youths. Arriving in Dragon Valley she desperately searches for a 'good' dragon, because like it or not, she is rapidly running out of time. In less than a week she'll turn eighteen and according to her mom's cryptic remark Leah will die by her birthday unless she finds a dragon to help her.

Yep, good luck with that one.

She is stuck at a summer camp, surrounded by dragons. It should be easy finding a dragon of honor, a DeLeigh dragon, but it's not. Every dragon she meets has an aura that looks like a can of worms, twisting with hate and deception. There is no way she's approaching one of them.

Her only other option is Derek, a shapeshifter and a gorgeous royal pain-in-the-backside. Literally, he is a member of Haven Valley's royal family and very accustomed to girls falling at his feet, which will absolutely not happen with Leah.

Unfortunately, her time is running out. Should she trust Derek and ask for help? Or face her eighteenth birthday alone?

My Review:

What a thrilling little love story. I am completely captivated by the concept of lifemate that Cooper has developed so well in this story. Through this concept she brings to life a very unique love story that is further backed up with amazing scenery and descriptions. Not only is this world brought to life in a strikingly vivid way, but the story itself is also very well written.

Not only is this world brought together in an amazing way, but the characters themselves are also stellar. Cooper has mastered the art of developing a character in a way uniquely suited to their role in her writing. She never wastes time or space giving details that are irrelevant to the novel. However, the characters are always phenomenally developed. You get to know each and every one of the major characters.

I always love reading Cooper’s work. Although this novella was short, it was fast paced and a complete story all on its own. She never sacrifices the quality of her writing for word count.

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