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Beloved LifeMate by Jodie B. Cooper

Title:  Beloved Lifemate
Author:  Jodie B. Cooper
Series:  Song of the Sidhi #1
Published:  April 25th 2011 by Jodie B. Cooper
Page Count:  61
Genre:  Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

What happens when a powerful elvish monarch opens a doorway from Sídhí to Earth?

He stumbles upon a beautiful halfling who may spell doom for his entire world. When she turns out to be his predestined lifeMate, he knows without a shadow of doubt, his day has gone from bad to worse. Full-bloods, especially royals, never mate with halflings.

~ ~ ~

What's a girl to do when her destined lifeMate tries to kill her?

It all starts late one night about midnight ~ the only realistic time for a blood drinker to be out and about.

Miranda is having a fun-filled trip to Tulsa, celebrating her seventeenth birthday. Well, it was fantastic until her lifeMate tries to kill her.

Life as she knows it is about to come down to two critical facts: Stay away from sharp swords and do not fall off the commode.

My Review:

I always love reading Cooper’s work. She works cultural differences, prejudices, misunderstandings, and inclusivity into her work without ever actually mentioning it. Through the magical supernatural world that she has created, Cooper very tactfully incorporates these touchy subjects into very captivating and exhilarating stories. Beloved LifeMate is no exception to this rule.

Copper employs brilliant, vivid descriptions to help build her world. Everything has a purpose and a place, helping this world come to life right before your eyes, regardless of the length of the story written. She also manages some very well developed characters. By devoting minimal time to the development of minor characters, just giving the attributes necessary for their function in the story, she is able to focus on the main characters, making them very well rounded and lifelike.

As always, Cooper keeps her writing light, entertaining, and completely captivating. I can’t wait to dive in to more of her writing!

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