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Mark of the Princess by BC Morin

Title:  Mark of the Princess
Author:  B.C. Morin
Series:  The Kingdom Chronicles #1
Published: February 1st 2012 by Self - Published
Page Count: 252
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Shelf: Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The feisty and determined faerie Princess Alannah is many things, but she never thought she would be the key to her people’s destruction.

Kidnapped for a power she does not yet possess, Alannah finds herself in the clutches of the most malevolent sorcerer of her time. Maligo. Alannah escapes her prison with help from the handsome and stalwart warrior faerie, Brennus.

Now she must cross mountains and forests fraught with rogue faeries, vicious Fae-hating trolls, dangerous shape-shifters, and more to reach the only ones that can help her control her incoming powers. The Elder Faeries.

With Brennus by her side, Alannah is determined to reach the Elder Faeries and save her people. Maligo is just as determined she never makes it that far.

My Review:

While writing this enchanting tale Morin created an entirely new and extremely vivid world for her characters to live in. This faerie realm is very different from most other depictions of fae. There are some similarities, but Morin has gone out of her way to allow her readers to see her vision of this faerie realm. This extraordinary world combines with the adventure that the characters find themselves on to make you feel like you are immersed in the faerie kingdoms, fighting alongside them.  

The characters in this novel are quite well developed, becoming real and jumping off of the page. They are also very fitting to their lives and their roles in the story. The sheltered princess acts and speaks differently from the wayward prince, and everyone is different from the dark sorcerer. Each character is developed individually, which means that there are no stock characters. The speech of the royal characters is also very formal and stilted, a phenomenon that is not seen in those characters who do not boast royal descent. This creates even greater character differentiation.  

Of course, what is an adventure where the princess doesn’t fall for the handsome prince? We already have one matched couple, as well as a love triangle. I’ve already found myself hoping that 2 of the characters in the love triangle will end up together, and worrying that it will be the other two. These fae have become part of my life.

I love the way that Morin writes. Her words flow together making a connection with her reader at every turn of the page. Her description of the environment, characters, and events are so real that you want to enter the faerie kingdoms and explore them for yourselves. You have a complete picture in your mind and are seeing the action while reading it.

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