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Full Disclosure by Eric J. Gates

Title:  Full Disclosure
Author:  Eric J. Gates
Published:  April 24th 2012 by Amazon KDP
Page Count:  466
Genre:  Suspense
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads: 

For over sixty years they kept a secret.
The biggest secret in the history of Mankind.

Now a dying town finds itself on the front lines of a
covert war, when the President makes a Full Disclosure.

A nail-biting thriller that asks the question: Should the public be told?

My Review: 

Not only is this story itself full of suspense, but Gates’ method of writing keeps you on the edge of your seat. He uses short, concise sentences to set the mood at times, and switches to longer, more flowing sentences to tone down other scenes. This author grasps not only the power of words but also the power of sentence structure within the novel. He manages to bring absolute chaos to life so that you feel like you are living it with the characters.

Personally, I don’t generally like stories that jump around from place to place and time to time. Gates, however, uses this method to add to the mystery, suspense, and urgency of the tale. The way that it is laid out, he avoids muddying the time and place for each event. Everything is kept clear & separate, avoiding confusion on the part of the reader. The short chapters really help with this.

I loved that Gates uses the correct terms for attack measures & countermeasures, individuals & their positions, etc. It makes the novel seem much more realistic. If Gates were to write the same novel using vague, flowery, or incorrect terms it would have lost a great deal of impact on the audience. It’s very hard to focus on the story when what is registering to the reader is that the scene doesn’t make sense with the story or is undetailed. The terminology and details used helps lead to the fact that you are almost immediately caught up in the conspiracy theory of the novel. You’re constantly wondering what’s really going on and “what if” and “who is he really?”

The dates for past events are also correct. Gates uses reality as a basis for his fictional tale, and he does it correctly. Stories that start in this vein have such potential to let the audience down if the facts are incorrect that it is a real risk to take this route. I definitely commend Gates as an author that takes the time and puts in the extra effort to do so. I also need to thank him for taking the time to double check these facts. It greatly added to the enjoyment of the novel.

Gates also manages to create a variety of different characters. Some of them you get to know quite well. You know their history, their friends, their likes, and dislikes. Others you barely get to know at all. They remain a mystery to the reader. There is one character whose real name I still do not know. It’s brilliant. Based on his job, this would be the reality for that character. Gates develops each character in a way suited to their position in the world and in the novel.

Overall I was excessively surprised throughout the novel. Gates combines detail and writing style to create a thrilling ride for his readers.

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