Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Soul's Mark: Hunted by Ashley Stoyanoff

Title:  The Soul's Mark:  Hunted
Author:  Ashley Stoyanoff
Series:  The Soul's Mark #2
Published: November 22nd 2012 by Ashley Stoyanoff Books
Genre:  Paranormal Young Adult
Shelf:  Books I Bought
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

 When Amelia Caldwell learned that she was marked by a vampire’s soul, she did what any smart, self-preserving person would have done: tried to run. But thanks to the soulmate bond that tethered her mentally and emotionally to her vampire soulmate, Mitchell Lang, running was not an option and finding out she was a witch didn’t make her life any easier.

Now, Amelia has made peace with her new supernatural life and accepted her destiny with Mitchell, one of the most powerful vampires in the world. They are finally getting along but Amelia is sure he is hiding something—something big.

Little does she know that this is just the calm before the storm. When Mitchell’s former flame resurfaces and Eric’s dreams become distorted visions of his soulmate, hostility and tension threatens to tear their world apart.

Just when Amelia thinks life couldn’t get any crazier, vampires and humans start turning up dead. The killer—something more sinister and haunting than your run of the mill psychopath —is heading straight for their front door.

My Review:

I love it when you read a novel in a series and the characters continue to grow, especially when the characters are young adults. Every single one of Stoyanoff’s characters do this with abandon. They are all obviously the same person that they were in the beginning but they continue to grow and morph to fit into their ever changing circumstances. The relationships between the characters are not static either. They change in minute and in major ways right along with the characters.

This installment of the series is much more intense than the first was. The love story is still very much a part of the story; however it does take a back-seat to the more action packed storyline. There is always something (or multiple somethings) happening to keep your attention on the page. This is also not a read that calls for complacency from its readers. I definitely did not expect a few of the twists and turns in this story.

The author’s writing is also nearly flawless. It flows eloquently from paragraph to paragraph and from page to page. The characters’ speech is realistic, sounding the way that an individual would speak.

If you liked the first book in the Soul’s Mark series you will absolutely love this one. One thing that I do have to mention with respect to this novel, however... If you don’t enjoy cliff-hangers, wait until the next installment is published before beginning to read this one. Enough said.

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