Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Scars of the Heart by Joni Keever

Title:  Scars of the Heart
Author:  Joni Keever
Publication Date:  August 11/15
Length:   271pgs
Genre:  historical romance
Shelf:  review
My Rating: ★★★★★
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Back Cover Blurb:

Scars of the Heart is a historical romance set on the turbulent western frontier in 1865 where hostilities rage between the native Indians and white settlers.

Kade Roberts, the outlaw son of white father and Indian mother, plans to keep a low profile as he journeys to Texas to claim the ranch of his birthright. But emotional claws from his past pull Kade off course when he witnesses the whipping of a young lad. Before rational thought returns, Kade rescues the boy and finds himself promising to help the ragged orphan.

Carly Dawson's life has taken a dangerous turn since coming west. If she can maintain this guise as a boy, perhaps she can eventually return to her beloved Virginia home.

Two strangers--each tainted by injustice and resentment--reluctantly journey together in pursuit of their own objectives. While this savage desperado and spoiled eastern debutante also travel paths of self-discovery, will they learn to appreciate each other's differences and find love, despite their Scars of the Heart?

My Review:

What a tale! Love, loss, adventure and danger all play a role in this fantastic novel. The plot was intense at times and wildly emotional at others, creating a pace that kept me on my toes while drawing me in. Keever writes descriptions that could just as easily and eloquently bring a field of wildflowers to life as they could an all-out, guns blazing firefight. This novel was also culturally significant. The research and accuracy that went behind the crafting of this heartfelt novel was astounding. It made it so easy to slip into and get lost in the pages.

The characters were fantastic as well. I couldn’t help but feel for Kade and Carly without actually ever pitying them. I love how strong they were. Yet both their needs to keep their emotions inside lead to some interesting misunderstandings. Not only were they great as a couple, but they were also fantastic individuals that I found myself truly wanting to get to know.

This novel was a fantastic read in and of itself. It’s also one that I could see myself reading time and time again.

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