Saturday, January 16, 2016

False Security by Morgan Blaze

Title:  False Security
Series:  Indigo Valley #1
Author:  Morgan Blaze
Publication Date:  November 2/15
Length:  149pgs
Genre:  romantic suspense
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Love wasn't in the contract.

There are two things Wynn Holcolm can't stand: liars, and her father. Sexy bodyguard Foster Kane is a liar who works for her father.

But he may also be the only man who can keep her alive -- because her father's most dangerous enemy has just been released from prison, and plans to take his revenge through her.

To keep Wynn safe, Foster must earn her trust and fight his growing attraction to her -- because the last time he got involved with a client, the job ended in tragedy.

This time it's far more personal...and the real enemy is closer than he ever imagined.

My Review:

With this latest series launcher, Blaze enters the world of betrayal and intrigue in a manner that held my attention. She weaves an intricate plot that allowed me to enjoy the lives of the characters while also getting caught up in the intrigue of the creative tale. The originality and irony of the plot really caught my attention, while the well written, approachable style with which the tale was written allowed me to experience it all in an easy going manner.

The characters were definitely interesting. I’d expected the hero to be an over the top alpha, but he wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, he was all there and in charge, but he was still so much more, yet also so much less. He was very sweet and caring, yet he also reacted to what was going on around it. Countered by the fantastic heroine who was a lot of fun and easy to get to know, Blaze has created a very unique main couple for the genre who definitely held my attention.

As a whole, this is a light, fun, quick read that I quite enjoyed. It was a great start to this new series.

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