Thursday, December 17, 2015

Adrian by Heather Grothaus

Title:  Adrian
Series:  The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels #2
Author:  Heather Grothaus
Publication Date:  December 22/15 by Lyrical Press
Length:  252pgs
Genre:  historical romance
Shelf:  Netgalley
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

In the medieval Holy Land, four brave Crusaders fight tyranny and betrayal. They are the Brotherhood of Fallen Angels—and one by one, they may discover that love is the greatest adventure of all…
From palaces and cathedrals to fortresses, Adrian Hailsworth’s engineering genius is evident across the land—including the castle of Chastellet. But a bloody siege has left the stronghold, and Adrian, in ruins. Now a wanted man, he is forced into hiding at The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels Abbey, his brilliant mind plagued with nightmares, his spirit broken—until Father Victor presents him with a fiery redhead in need of help only Adrian can give…

Maisie Lindsay is the lady-in-waiting to the Queen of Wyldonna, a small kingdom off the Scottish coast that is being blackmailed—by none other than the Brotherhood’s most treacherous enemy. The only chance of saving Wyldonna lies in unearthing its vast fortune, hidden within a labyrinth of deadly traps and secret passages. The challenge enlivens Adrian—as does the passion Maisie ignites. But she is far more than she appears, and the truth may force Adrian to sacrifice his heart’s longing to save her, before it’s too late for them all…

My Review:

I really enjoyed the way that Grothaus returns with her readers to the world that she had begun to create with the first novel in the series. She continues to develop the world and the creatures within it, drawing me into it as well. Her descriptions give the creatures and characters a larger than life feel while also painting a vivid picture of the setting.

I loved the sense of journey and quest that you feel between the main characters. Not only are they on a physical journey but you can also feel them coming together as individuals. It was a unique parallel. It helped me get to know them on multiple levels and feel as if I’d truly met them. They also filled their roles in the story well. These were the types of individuals that I found myself wanting to journey with. I can’t say more without spoiling the story, but just know that these two were great main characters who are surrounded by a likeable supporting cast that fills out the story well.

Once again Grothaus has created a unique and entertaining novel that is definitely well worth the read.

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