Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Threat Multiplication by James Litherland

Title:  Threat Multiplication
Series:  Slowpocalypse #2
Author:  James Litherland
Publication Date:  September 12/14 by Outpost Stories
Length:  318pgs
Genre:  dystopian
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

—A Perfect Storm
MYSTERIOUS power outages, disrupted communications, and a rash of illness among the guards are only the beginning. Soon FURC Security Chief Anthony Nelson and his small, mostly inexperienced staff are overwhelmed by the hacking of the local network, the contamination of the food supply, and a seemingly impossible murder.

Rookie David Belue is trying to solve one of those mysteries when he comes under investigation himself, because he’s one of the few who had the means and a motive to murder. Which makes Officer Lisa Courdray’s job much more difficult—now she has to prove her own partner innocent while also uncovering a hidden saboteur within the community.

Lt. Katherine Miles can’t help—she’s far from the FURC on a secret mission and unable to contact them with a warning. If she can make it back at all, she’ll be bringing even more trouble along with her.

My Review:

Litherland picks up right where he left off in the previous novel in the series and continues on his imaginative journey. Not only does Litherland create an intriguing premise and well thought out plot here, he continues to build the world in which his characters live. With each chapter it becomes more and more vivid.

I enjoyed the fact that there were simultaneously different stories going on inside and outside of the compound throughout the novel. Litherland ties them together while also highlighting the differences between the situations.

The characters that Litherland developed in the 1st novel of the series continue to grow and morph throughout this novel, while also remaining the same people they we originally met. The continuous character development really allowed me to feel as if I knew the characters better at the end of the novel than I did at the beginning.

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