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Tales of the Winter Wolf Vol 2 by R.J. Blain

Title:  Tales of the Winter Wolf Volume 2
Series:  Witch & Wolf #2.2
Author:  R.J. Blain
Publication Date:  July 31/15 by Pen & Page Publishing
Length:  104pgs
Genre:  paranormal
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Long before Nicolina Desmond manifested her powers as a wizard, she was a Normal girl with extraordinary circumstances. In order to prove herself and escape her father’s chokehold on her life, she’s determined to get on the fast track towards an independent life.

However, she never anticipated how meeting Richard Murphy would change her life…

Tales of the Winter Wolf follows the adventures of Nicole and Richard, characters from Witch & Wolf #2, Winter Wolf. These stories contain spoilers for the novel.

Tales of the Winter Wolf, Vol. 2 includes the following stories:

Charmed While Nicolina is relieved to have survived her first quarter at Stanford, there are still a few surprises left in store for her, leaving her with a lot more questions than answers… and an extra mouth to feed.

Crash and Burn Richard’s worst fears come to pass when Nicolina’s plane crash lands at the airport, leaving him to either win a dominance battle with her father or witness two of North America’s most dangerous Fenerec run wild in the middle of a crowd.

Wild Wolf Richard’s desperation to dominate Desmond and his mate has done far more damage than anyone ever suspected. With his human half in trouble and fading fast, it falls to his wolf to find a way to save them both. To make matters worse, it’s Christmas Eve, and Richard’s past comes to haunt him once again.

My Review:

This return to Blain’s world of Witch & Wolf was a real treat. The stories within gave great insight into the characters while also being fast paced, intricate & intimate tales that also develop her world as a whole. I love the independence that we see in Nicolina throughout. Richard’s vulnerability and strength clash with one another, allowing us to see who he is, was, and could be.

This is another must read for lovers of the paranormal. Blain’s world of Witch & Wolf comes to life in unmistakable and unimaginable ways throughout. I can’t wait to see what these characters get up to next.

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