Wednesday, August 5, 2015

If He's Noble by Hannah Howell

Title:  If He's Noble
Series:  The Wherlockes #7
Author:  Hannah Howell
Published:  July 28/15 by Zebra
Length:  352pgs
Genre:  historical romance
Shelf:  Netgalley
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell delivers adventure and instant attraction in this all-new Wherlocke Family novel...

For Lady Primrose Wootten nothing has been ordinary since her father the Baron died and his wayward family filled the estate with greed and treachery. Primrose knows if she can just track down her brother, he can send the odious relations on their way. But instead she finds this enormous, powerful stranger, and forgets entirely what she was doing in the first place...

Sir Bened Vaughn isn't much afraid of a pistol. But he is a bit afraid of the woman holding it, who stirs up something so primal he's not sure he can shake it off. Vaughn is an honorable man, and he knows he has no right to desire Primrose. Yet he does have an obligation to help her, and as they learn more about her brother's disappearance, he realizes that means staying by her side...wanting her all the while... and wondering how much longer they can resist temptation...

My Review:

Howell takes you back in time through every aspect of this novel. The descriptions and people set the scene while the narrative and dialogue set the tone. Howell’s intricate plot of danger and betrayal was fast paced, always keeping me on my toes. I really enjoy how well the entire Wherlocke series ties together as a whole, yet how each novel can also be read individually, without the rest of the series.

Primrose was a fantastic heroine for this series. I thoroughly enjoyed the way rationalized everything. Her strength in the face of the deepest of betrayals really sets her apart from most heroines of the genre. Bened’s gift and his fascination with Primrose made him a sight to behold. Howell’s descriptions and the character’s own actions brought him to life in vivid clarity, allowing me to picture & fall in love with him. These two characters’ positive and endearing traits were highlighted by the utter despicableness of some of the supporting cast. The contrast in characters was so marked that you couldn’t miss it.

Once again Howell has created a historical romance with a kick. It was a great read that I could barely put down.

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