Friday, July 17, 2015

Fated by Rebecca Zanetti

Title:  Fated
Series:  Dark Protectors #1
Author:  Rebecca Zanetti
Publication Date:  March 1/11 by Brava
Length:  299pgs
Genre:  paranormal romance
Shelf:  borrowed
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Marry Me! Cara Paulsen does not give up easily. A scientist and a single mother, she's used to fighting for what she wants, keeping a cool head, and doing whatever it takes to protect her daughter Janie. But "whatever it takes" has never before included a shotgun wedding to a dangerous-looking stranger with an attitude problem.

Or Else! Sure, the mysterious Talen says that he's there to protect Cara and Janie. He also says that he's a three-hundred-year-old vampire. Of course, the way he touches her, Cara might actually believe he's had that long to practice. . .

My Review:

This novel was fast paced and wildly exciting from the get-go. Action, romance, and suspense kept me so wrapped up that I devoured this novel in a single day. World building melts with plot development in such a manner that they become a seamless whole. Zanetti takes readers deep into the world of this series while also giving them the ride of a lifetime.

I love how the relationship between the main characters wasn’t easy, but neither was it insurmountable. The battle of wills, desires, and needs leads to some comical moments, while at the same time highlights just how well these two fit together. Cara’s abilities really make her shine as a character, as does her compassion and genuine warmth. Her difficult past directly affects her, yet doesn’t define her. Talen’s multifaceted character was fantastic. I enjoyed getting to know him bit by bit via tidbits dropped by those closest to him. He was also hot, caring, and all Alpha, the type of hero you just can’t look away from. And let’s not forget Janie, in all her cuteness & insight. Through her we get to know a lot about the hearts of the main characters, as well as many of the supporting cast.

My final thoughts on this one? How have I never read this novel before now & could someone please hand me the next in the series. Zanetti had me hooked from cover to cover with her fantastically in depth and imaginative, yet completely plausible, world and all its goings on.

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