Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Love and Shamrocks by Zara Keane

Title:  Love and Shamrocks
Series:  Ballybeg #5
Author:  Zara Keane
Published:  April 17/15 by Beaverstone Press LLC
Length:  271pgs
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

Trouble in Dublin, True Love in Ballybeg

Clio Havelin needs a lucky break. Desperate to protect her child, Clio accepts her estranged mother’s offer of a refuge in Ballybeg. What can go wrong in a place with more cows than people? Her hope for a fresh start is smashed to smithereens when she’s blackmailed into facilitating the heist of the decade. So the last thing Clio needs is a sexy cop underfoot, especially when she’s one crime away from freedom. Too bad she’s already slept with him.

Seán Mackey wants his life back. The former police detective is now stuck apprehending errant sheep in Ballybeg — population 3968, pubs 35. After months of frustration, he’s finally on the scent of a real case. When he’s sidelined into playing bodyguard for his nemesis, talk show hostess Helen Havelin, he’s pissed. And when his gorgeous one-night stand turns out to be Helen’s daughter, Clio, pissed turns to horrified.

My Review:

OK. That’s it! I’m moving to Ballybeg!

Hard hitting topics rule the day from the beginning to the end of this fantastic novel. Keane approaches them with a straightforward flair that makes them palatable yet still very daunting. Tempered with the true romance between two fantastic characters, life really shines through. Keane’s explicitly vivid descriptions transport her readers to the heart of Ballybeg. They bring the suspense of the tale to the forefront.

I’ll admit that I’ve been dying for Sean’s story since we first met him earlier in the series. Keane definitely didn’t disappoint. I loved finding out more about Sean’s hidden past. Getting to know him so intimately made the entire story so much more real for me. I felt as if I’d lived it rather than simply read it. Combined with Clio’s past and present, this couple had me on pins and needles. They were fantastic together. The supporting cast was quite varied. The vast array of character types was fantastic.

This story is shockingly hard hitting yet wildly romantic. Keane takes readers deep into the lives of her characters and leaves you with a sense of happiness at the end.

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