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Love M.D. and Guest Post with author Rebecca Rohman

Lessons Learned From Writing by Rebecca Rohman

When I decided to write my second book, Love Lies & The D.A. I was determined to make it a much improved book from my first novel Uncorked, which got mediocre reviews. Most people liked it, some loved it, and a few hated it. I took all the lessons I learned from writing Uncorked—whether it was my mentor’s words running through my head, or reviews I got online and I was determined to write a better book. By all accounts, the reviews said I did.

I pushed myself to the limit when writing Love Lies & The D.A. and I’m immensely happy that it was a success. But now that I had succeeded in writing a better book number two, came the time to write book number three—Love M.D. and the pressure was on. I felt and probably still feel that I have to bring it every time, if not deliver a book that was better than the last.

I suppose now and then we all fall into the trap of ignoring what the majority have to say, and pay more attention to the bad or sometimes hateful reviews or opinions of others. I sometimes found myself trying to please the 4% who went as far as saying they hated or did not like my book. Quite possibly, if someone hated a book to the extent where they took the time to write a review saying only that, it’s probably more than the plot they had a problem with. Perhaps it was my style of writing, or something else rubbed them the wrong way.

I’m not sure about other authors, but I read every review—the good and the bad. I try to learn from them. I try to understand what it is about my work that readers like, and what they don’t. But sometimes, the human side kicks in… I want everyone to love my books. I wanted to get the readers who did NOT like my books on my side… then suddenly one day it occurred to me—that is a goal I will never achieve. That was a standard I know Nora Roberts, Julie James, Danielle Steel, Sidney Sheldon, E.L. James or millions of other authors could never attain. Why should I expect to be different? Maybe I needed to focus on what the other 96% were saying and more importantly what I felt in my heart was right and be true to myself—not to the 4%.

Now that I’ve begun to write book number four I realize that personal growth transcends—if I choose to continue to learn and grow as a person, and grow my craft as a writer, it will resonate through my work. Does that mean that any one person will always give me a 5-Star review for every single book of mine that they read? In a world where so much is decided by the review or opinions of others, as a writer, how much should I pander to what others have to say?

The lesson for me this time around was this: always, always be open to learning, but ultimately, I have to be true to myself. In the end, never let the opinion of others become my reality. That, most importantly, is what I need to remember as I continue to write…

About the author:

Rebecca Rohman is a wife and designer currently living in the northeastern United States. She was a sales manager for a tourist magazine, and for many years prior, she was involved in marketing for a jewelry company and fine wine distributor.

About fifteen years ago, she started writing her first romance novel purely to entertain herself. It was not until early in 2012 when she decided to complete and release it. Uncorked was published in February, 2013. Love, Lies & The D.A., her second novel, was published a year later. Love M.D. is her third release.

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Title:  Love M.D.
Author:  Rebecca Rohman
Published:  February 24/15
Length:  520pgs
Genre:  contemporary romance
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

As an accomplished interior designer in San Francisco’s Bay Area, Zoë Jenkins is used to transforming empty spaces into masterpieces. She leaves little square footage in her personal life for anything outside of her thriving business and a renewed relationship with her twin brother. After a decade spent ripped apart by circumstance and an entire ocean’s distance, she depends on no one but him. Until a sexy surgeon walks into her life.

Although Zoë can’t deny her attraction to the charming and benevolent Morgan Drake, he’s on her mental list of everything she should avoid. Past experience taught Zoë that dating clients compromises business. Add a not-yet-dissolved marriage to the mix and Doctor Hottie is definitely Doctor Off-limits.

Dr. Morgan Drake is surprised at the undeniable chemistry he feels when he’s in the same room as Zoë. The strikingly beautiful and solitary designer he hired to fill his new-start, new-city home makes it abundantly clear there will never be anything between them. But twelve years of medical school breeds persistence. He sets out to persuade the pants off Zoë Jenkins and show her what her empty spaces are missing.

Intense passion and amazing sex have a way of masking secrets-secrets that unravel a dangerous web of fraud, corruption and conspiracy that turn Zoë’s quiet spaces into a world where nothing is as it seems. With her life on the line, the good doctor responsible for her fiercest betrayal might just be the only one worthy of her finest interior masterpiece-this time, of her heart.

My Review:

Rohman writes this novel in the 1st person with dual perspectives, which really gives it extra depth. This well written novel had me guessing throughout as the author took us on an intriguing ride. The well-crafted & thought out plot has excitement, joy, romance, and some tears. Rohman takes a look at the world in a big way. This story is about so much more than simply two well off individuals coming together.

I appreciate the fact that the characters in this novel are grown up and act that way. They’re well established in their fields & don’t treat life’s rollercoaster as a perpetual melodrama. I really enjoyed how well we get to know the main characters in this novel. By switching perspectives between the two Rohman allows readers to get to know them both equally. The inside track on their inner monologues definitely made me giggle more than a time or two. I also appreciated getting to know the supporting cast. They were developed so that they were more than simply a name on paper, but yet never overshadowed the main characters in any way. The interpersonal relationships in this novel were well done as well. I loved the banter between the siblings that we encountered regularly. Some of the characters carry over from Love, Lies & the DA, but this novel can easily be read as a standalone.

Rohman has once again captured my attention with her intricate tale. Although this novel is definitely not a quick read, it was very enjoyable.

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