Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Portrait of Ignatius Jones by Peter David Shapiro

Title:  Portrait of Ignatius Jones
Author:  Peter David Shapiro
Published:  October 25/14 by PenLane Press
Length:  354pgs
Format:  ecopy
Genre:  occult fiction
Shelf:  review
Rating: ★★★★

Back Cover Blurb:

In 1896, renowned psychic Ignatius Jones commissions his portrait to be painted by one of the leading artists of his time. He promises his followers that he will communicate with them through his portrait after he passes to spirit.

On the day that he is murdered in 1903, his portrait is stolen.

It turns up more than 100 years later at a church rummage sale in picturesque Tudorsville, Vermont.

Current-day psychic mediums are invited to see the long-lost portrait at the newly-established Ignatius Jones Center for Spiritualist Discovery.

When Boston psychic Dr. Frances Gourmelon (from Ghosts on the Red Line) arrives at the Center, she discovers that things there are very odd, and getting odder.

Charles Philip Tucker, former con man and the Center's founder, claims that he’s in touch with Ignatius Jones through the portrait. He says that he's channeling Ignatius Jones when he punishes a visitor to the Center for blasphemy and when he selects an eighteen-year-old girl to bear his children on Ignatius Jones' behalf.

Frances decides to get involved.

Portrait of Ignatius Jones is a mind-bending story of con artists, psychics, and the paranormal in peaceable Vermont.

My Review:

Shapiro writes in such a manner that you can`t help but find yourself fully immersed in the story. You don`t simply read it, but rather become part of it. This plot will keep you guessing right to the end. The elements of the story combine in a very unique way to produce a whole that is completely original. There were a couple of instances where I would have liked to see a more in-depth development of certain scenes, but as a whole, this story was very well done.

The wonderful cast of characters that Shapiro presents to his readers made this story that much better. This rather character driven novel was definitely shaped by these unique individuals. I appreciated the fact that there were characters that I loved and could easily identify with, and others who just plain gave me the creeps. This contrast drew me in even further.

As a whole, this was an extremely enjoyable read that I`d recommend to those looking for a one of a kind read.

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