Monday, October 20, 2014

The Last Challenge by Sharon Karaa

Title:  The Last Challenge
Series:  Northern Witches Series #1
Author:  Sharon Karaa
Published:  June 19/14
Length:  300pgs
Format:   ecopy
Genre:  paranormal romantic comedy
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

I thought I was normal, I really did, aside from the fact I had a penchant for naming the many facets of my personality. I was unlucky, I’ll grant you, but other than that, just your average twenty-five year old virgin.
Then my long dead ancestor turned up with a four-hundred year appetite, a passion for G-strings, and a scorching hot, male witch in tow. 

Throw in an unadulterated bitch of a familiar, three spirits baying for my blood, a six inch tall Geordie man, and my best friend Selina, and before you could say “bubble, bubble” I was strapped onto the front of the roller coaster of my life, heading straight to Hell in a hand basket.
And the brakes were shot to pieces…

This book contains adult content.

My Review:

Above all else, this was a fun & funny novel. Karaa takes a wildly unique approach to coming of age as a witch and weaves a comical tale about the adventures of her main character. Her narrative was well done and her descriptions vivid, while still allowing your imagination to run away with you.

Karaa’s character development was very well done. She not only develops characters as individuals, but their relationships with one another are also quite well developed. They also don’t remain static. Individuals grow as they experience new things, and relationships morph as the characters get to know one another better. However, the fact that the main character seemed quite immature for her age was a bit of a hang up for me. Sure, she has lots of things going on that are definitely way out of our realms of experience, but there were more than a few times where she was acting more like a 15year old rather than someone who is actually 25.

As a whole, this was a quite unique, enjoyable read. It would be great for those looking for something new and fun in the realm of NA paranormal.

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