Monday, October 20, 2014

Tangled & Bound by Emily Ryan-Davis

Title:  Tangled & Bound
Series:  Blue Room VIPs #3
Author:  Emily Ryan-Davis
Published:  October 12/14 by CrushStar Multimedia
Length:  121pgs
Format:   ecopy
Genre:  erotic romance
Shelf:  Netgalley
Rating:  ★★★★


The powerful, magnetic man seated beside Melanie Burke on a flight to Las Vegas could have walked straight out of one of Melanie’s dog-eared romance novels. When he strikes up a conversation with her on the late-evening flight, fictional fantasies become knee-weakening, panty-soaking, feminine-core-clenching reality…a reality she wants to revisit again and again.

But when jaded club owner Sam Fletcher informs Melanie that his plans don’t include a long-term relationship with an impulsive young blonde for whom submission is more than likely a passing whim, Melanie throws herself into convincing him she is exactly the woman he wants, needs, and can’t live without.

My Review:

Some stories just call for a glass of wine. This is definitely one of them. Ryan-Davis’ hot , yet tasteful bondage moments combine with real life relationship issues to create a remarkably unique whole that held me captive throughout. The solid storyline coupled with the author’s straightforward and approachable writing style draws you into the heart of the story, which is remarkably complex considering the page count. Her vividly realistic, in-your-face descriptions make everything pop in a manner that you just can’t ignore.

I loved how much time passed during this novel without every feeling rushed or like the author was skimming over certain things. It added a sense of solidity to the relationship between the two main characters and made it much more believable. Not only that, but the characters themselves are quite well developed for a novella. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. Seeing their diverse opinions on relationships, and life in general, was quite an eye opener,

Overall, this was a fast paced, quick read that would be great for when you’re looking for a dash of heat with a side of spice.

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