Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Revenant by Elise Abram

Title:  The Revenant
Author:  Elise Abram
Published:  July 10/14 by Black Rose Writing
Length:  227pgs
Format:   ecopy
Genre:  paranormal
Shelf:  review
Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

He wears neither cape nor cowl, but Zulu is a superhero, nevertheless.

Raised from the dead as a revenant more than a hundred years ago, Zulu possesses Spiderman’s stealth, Superman’s speed, and Batman’s keen intellect. His only companion is Morgan the Seer, an old man cursed with longevity and the ability to see the future in his dreams. Zulu has spent the last century training with Morgan in order to save the people in his nightmares from certain and violent death. Branded a vigilante by the Media, Zulu must live his life in the shadows, travelling by night or in the city’s underground unless his quest demands otherwise.

Kat is an empath, someone who sees emotions as colourful auras. Relentlessly bullied by her peers, and believing her life amounts to nothing but a huge cosmic mistake, she finds purpose in her abilities when she is recruited to help Zulu and Morgan complete their missions.

Malchus is Morgan’s long dead twin brother. A powerful necromancer, Malchus manages to find a way to return to the living, and he has a score to settle with Morgan. Believing Morgan responsible for his death and out to seek revenge, Malchus begins to raise an army of undead minions and use them to hunt Morgan down. As Malchus closes in on Morgan and his charges, the trio soon realizes the people most in need of saving are themselves.

My Review:

What a captivating tale. Abram paints her world before the eyes of her audience. She brings this entire story to life in a 3D manner that allows you entrance into its deepest, darkest points. She paints an aura of mystery and mayhem under then entire tale, keeping you hooked and sending a sense of foreboding to the forefront. By flipping perspectives not only between the main characters, but from past to present as well, Abram gives readers a real sense of what’s going on both with her characters and with the world around them. I also loved the history and mythology behind the various types of characters. It was all well developed and presented in such a manner that you learn about them without stopping the forward flow of the story itself.

Abram definitely brings her characters to life in a big way. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters that carry her story forward. They really made this an enjoyable reading experience for me. Such unique and dynamic personalities allow this story to stand out in a sea of paranormal literature.

As a whole I quite enjoyed this novel. It was a brilliant introduction to Abram’s work that I’d easily recommend to others.

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