Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Voodoo by Samantha Boyette

Title:  Voodoo
Author:  Samantha Boyette
Published: September 10th 2012
Page Count: 80
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Shelf: Review Copy
Rating:  ★★

Synopsis from Goodreads: 

It starts with a car crash.

Alyssa Jacobs wakes up in another world, lost and disoriented. When she meets Stephen she learns she's in Crescent, a mysterious world of nightlife, mobsters, and magic. The two band together in hopes of finding their sisters and a way back to the real world they only vaguely remember.

Inspired by the CD Voodoo by Alexz Johnson, this young adult novella is a quick romp through adventure and mystery.

My Review:

This novella begins with a brilliant portrayal of a car crash victim coming in and out of consciousness. Boyette has an amazing grasp of the subject and the portrayal was very real. It was also very well written. The sections flowed together nicely, without gaps and jumps. The story itself was also quite different. It had the potential to keep the reader captivated had it been further developed.

Unfortunately, you do not get to know very much at all about the characters. Even given the fact that it is a novella, the reader should get some feeling as to who the character is. I also cannot picture the world in which the characters found themselves. There was a lack of physical descriptions in this novella. Those descriptions that were present were phenomenal, allowing you to picture the subject perfectly, but in general, descriptions were lacking.

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