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Starkiller by Eric Edstrom

Title:  Starkiller
Author:  Eric Edstrom
Series:  The Undermountain Saga #3
Published: December 19th 2012 by Undermountain Books LLC
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Shelf: Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Starkiller is the stunning final act in The Undermountain Saga.

While the wicked bigfoot leader, Hanameesovenama, plans First Contact with the human race, Danny and Breyona race to stop the vile tangoga boss, GorVit, from using the starkiller weapon to destroy the sun.

In their search, they find an ancient king who may hold the key to preventing the apocalypse.

My Review:

The final installment of the Undermountain Saga blows the other two out of the water. I couldn’t put this book down if I tried. Edstrom takes all of the events from the previous two novels and combines them for a conclusion that cannot be beat. And that is one thing that I must commend the author on. The saga has an actual ending. Everything is summed up and no loose ends are left hanging.

The characters that we have followed through the saga continue to grow as individuals. They face the hardest tasks and challenges so far and all rise to the challenge. Many times they have to weigh the greater good against what is best for them and (for the most part) rise to the challenge. This is true for the humans, the People, and all of the other races found in these worlds. Of course, there are individuals from each race that are “bad to the bone” but they are dealt with and everything is saved. We also learn that “unintelligent” species are not necessarily so unintelligent.

Due to Edstrom’s grasp of the English language and his amazing descriptions the worlds that we visit in this installment come to life. I feel like I have travelled the galaxy with the characters, visiting each and every stop on their travels. The intensity of the various events is also portrayed very clearly through Edstrom’s words. His story flows very fluidly from event to event and from scene to scene.  This novel is so well written that you never have to stop and wonder what is going on.

I thoroughly enjoy the fact that Edstrom uses language that is fitting for a young adult novel. He never dumbs down what he is saying, assuming that his audience will not understand the vocabulary that he chooses. Neither does he revert to using vocabulary that will involve the constant use of a dictionary to decipher. He sticks to a middle road that is perfect for his chosen audience. The dialogue within the novel is also impeccable. The speech of each individual is tailored to fit them perfectly. Teenagers speak like teenagers. If English is someone’s second language that is apparent in their speech patterns.

All in all, the final installment in the Undermountain Saga was some interstellar awesomeness. It does leave me with one burning question, however. What size shoes do the People wear?

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