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Dissever by Colee Firman

Title:  Dissever
Author:  Colee Firman
Series:  Unbinding Fate #1
Published:   December 10th 2012
Page Count:  305
Genre:  Young Adult Paranormal
Shelf:  Review Copy
Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Addison Sanders is pretty comfortable spending her days with her grandfather at his centuries old estate, nestled in the snowcapped mountains. But all that changes when she wakes up to find the entire estate has been moved to a mysterious tropical location, right in the middle of a busy tourist town on the ocean.

Addy is forced to untangle a web of lies and secrets spun over centuries, ultimately putting her at the center of a power struggle a millennia in the making.

With her grandfather gone and the power and secrets of her family up for grabs, placing her trust in anyone could lead to disaster. The guy who’s never so much as given her a second glance is suddenly by her side through it all, leaving her questioning his motives. Betrayed by old friends and leery of new ones—she’s left to cut through the lies and deception to get to the truth.

Addy discovers that sometimes its better not knowing and misery really does love company in Dissever—Book One of the Unbinding Fate Series.

Also available in the Kindle Store - Bonds are broken and new
connections are forged in Sanctify—Book Two of the Unbinding Fate Series.

My Review:

Just picture it, living in an estate that can just up and move every few years, allowing you to experience the world without the need for packing and moving. That would be absolutely amazing. It’s just too bad that nothing is ever quite as simple as it seems.....

Firman takes her audience and drops them right in the middle of the action from page one. There is barely a moment when something is not happening. The type of action range from action packed fighting scenes, to emotional turmoil, to friends simply hanging out on the beach. The author’s flowing writing allows the reader to flow from one scene to another with ease. Transitions are natural, not forced or jumpy. Don’t get me wrong. I did spend a great deal of time wondering what was going on, or what would happen next, but that is part of the beauty of this novel. You are lead forward not only by the action of the story but by the need to discover things along with the characters.

I love the characters in this novel. Each is well developed and strong. They do not necessarily agree with each other, nor did I always agree with their choices but they were ideal for this novel. Each and every one had a background and a future. I also enjoyed how their backgrounds all intertwined in ways that they could not have imagined. They also were all able to work together despite all odds and their differences. I grew to love a great many of these characters and cannot wait to revisit them in future novels.

I would love to meet the author and give her a big hug thank you. There is an ending to this novel. It is the beginning of a series, and at the ending you can tell that there is more to come, but you are not left sitting on a ledge waiting for the next installment. I truly appreciate the extra effort that goes into giving this work a conclusion, while leaving the story open to further installments.

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